Monday, February 11, 2013

Love'em and Leave'em 5K

I am sure mentioned it before, but I love Saturday races. The Love'em an Leave'em 5K in Seattle took place this past Saturday. The race start time was 9:30, which is perfect for a Saturday morning race.

I picked Julie and Alli up shortly after 8AM and we headed to Greenlake. We arrived with plenty of time to pick up our packets, walk around, create a sign for the tunnel of love and get several samples of the chocolate pound cake at the PCC booth. :)

I told you I was going for pink this year, I had everything on hand even if my pink shirt kept riding up and my socks were falling down. 14 weeks pregnant and I already have a belly, I guess what they say is true that you show sooner with each pregnancy.
We weren't going for a record here, Julie had been sick the day before and was in a funk. Alli was recovering from being sick and well me - I have been having a lot of pain when running. We started out slow and ran the first mile, walked the second and did a run/walk the final 1.1 miles. I don't think the weather could have been more perfect. It looked like it might rain at any time, but it held off.  After the race, we walked through the booths one last time and headed to the car. The next stop of course was Starbucks.
I dropped them off and headed for home. Where I took a shower and then a nice nap. I woke up feeling sore, my round ligament pain was back a little, but my back was killing me. Bending over was near impossible, maybe I shouldn't have taken a nap so soon. The back pain continued into Sunday until I finally wised up and soaked in the bathtub.  I plan to head to the chiropractor this week to help with the back pain. I went to one with my first pregnancy and had very little pain. I am hoping he can help out again this time around.
 How was your weekend?


  1. Great job! Glad it didn't rain on you:) Love the pink and I hope you get some help at the chiro.

  2. Wow! Sounds like a fun race -- mmmm pound cake! Hope your back is feeling better soon!

  3. Looking cute! Congrats on the pregnancy!

  4. YAY! And you look darling! :)

  5. Love your pink race outfit! Hope the back pain didn't last long.