Thursday, February 28, 2013


1. There is this 'resturant' at the bottom of my hill, I like to call it the Taco Hut as its shape reminds me of  a sombrero. I call it a 'resturant' because in the 9 years I have lived here it has changed from a Mexican, Teriyaki, Burgers, Coffee Bar and now to my worst enemy. A few weeks a go a sign went up that said Top Pot Donuts. This usually wouldn't be an issue as I am not a big donut fan, but Top Pot makes some really good donuts and its less then a mile from my house. It am going to have to drive by it at least two times a day.  For once I think they are putting something in this location that will stick.

2. Speaking of donuts, I am struggling with this baby weight gain. I feel like it is all over my body. I try to tell myself its okay, I lost the weight once I can do it again. But its still hard to deal with. My normal tops are letting my belly hang out, maternity clothing is to big. I need to get new workout clothing as my belly is hanging out. I won't even talk about sports bras.

Week 17 - Belly photo

3.  Local friends or anyone looking to visit Washington. You should take a few minutes to like my friends Cabin on Facebook. Little Long Beach Cabin is charming little cabin in Long Beach, WA.

Renovated in 2012, our beach cabin is located just 4 blocks from the beach. Fully furnished and ready for you to come relax and spend some great quality time with your family! The cabin is 2 bedroom 1 bathroom. Each bedroom has a queen bed and the sectional sofa in the living room converts into a queen bed also. For the summer months there is a tent available for the front yard for those who like to listen to the ocean. You are welcome to bring one well-trained pet with you. If you are interested in reserving a stay at the cabin check out the website -
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A girl's best friend

Shoes a girls best friend, right after diamonds right?  Remember, I posted about getting a new pair of shoes from on my doorstep a while back.

These beautiful shoes from Online Shoes and  Merrell shoes make me smile.  There functional in one really cute comfortable package. As a girl who tends to by shoes by the way the look - these were an instant hit for me.

These are part of Women's Merrell Shoes, Merrell M-Connect collection - introducing the Merrell Stretch Glove in grey.
I have never worn barefoot shoes before, but I love going barefoot and if the world was a cleaner place would consider it more often.
Details on the  Merrell M-Connect Shoes:

Look stylish while you train in the Merrell Stretch Glove minimalist shoe, part of the Merrell Barefoot collection. Featuring Barefoot strobel construction for durability and flex and an elastic topline for snug comfort, this machine-washable women's mary-jane athletic shoe is constructed from easy-care Lycra®, fabric and synthetic leather; a hook-and-loop strap at the instep provides an adjustable fit. Inside, the microfiber footbed is treated with Aegis® to help maintain freshness, while compression-molded EVA adds an additional layer of protective cushioning. The non-marking Vibram® Serene Glove outsole of the Merrell Stretch Glove minimalist mary jane offers dependable grip without compromising your feel for the ground beneath your feet.
No, I am not a true minimalist runner, but I love them for walking. The feel natural. The one thing that I had to get used to was feeling everything. Not, like a pebble in your shoe, but you could really feel the texture change on the ground.
I have worn these shoes many times since they arrived on my doorstep. I have worn them to work, to the doctors office, out for errands and for more then just an hour at a time. I love wearing them to work, because I can go outside for a quick walk without having to change my shoes. With spring coming I know these will be in rotation for easy lunch time walks.
don't be jealous of my photography skills
You can wear them with socks or without with ease. The adjustable strap is Velcro and the back is very flexible for comfort and easy adjustments.   I also love, that after a full day of wearing them to work my feet were not sweaty. I don't know if you have this problem, but most slip on shoes leave my feet sweaty which is never good.

My birthday is in April do I put the black or the blue version of these on  my list, that is the question. I see these shoes as a staple to my wardrobe and need to pick up another color soon.
Check them out - they have an awesome selection at of various Merrell M-Connect
Merrell Shoes
Women's Merrell Shoes
Merrell M-Connect Shoes
*Disclaimer: These shoes were sent to me by and Merrell free of charge, however the opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Old Wives Tales

When you are pregnant, everyone has an opinion on what you are having. The first time we didn't really do any of the old wives tales. Instead we waited patiently for our 20 week ultrasound to be told that they didn't know. Oh wait her exact words were "if I had to guess". I walked out happy for a healthy baby, but disappointed. We ended up finding out at 32 weeks that there was a 90% chance we were having a girl.

This time around we are still patiently waiting for the ultrasound which will take place on March 25th. That seems like forever, so in the mean time we have been having fun with Old Wives Tales.

There are a million an one of them out there, but so far we have completed the following:

Carrying high or low - With my first and now this pregnancy I tend to carry low, so based on that judgement alone we would say boy.

Salty or Sweet - I had to ask my husband what he thought on this. As I have been enjoying the pickles, but I also crave chocolate milk. He said I crave more salty, pickles and popcorn my latest vices. - boy.

Heart Rate - Over 140 girl, under boy - well it has been over 140 at all checkups - girl.

Urine Test -  There are several different version of this, but last night we did the baking soda test. Basically pee in a cup and add baking soda. If it fizzes then its a boy, no reaction girl. - girl

Morning Sickness - If you have it girl, without boy. While I know this one is so off as I never had it with my first girl and had it this time we shall see. Based only on this - girl.

There are a bunch of other tests from testing your Urine with Drano, to hanging a ring over you belly and seeing which way it moves. We plan to do them for fun over the next few weeks. :) We will be finding out.

If you have children did you find out the gender in an u/s or wait for it to be a surprise?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


This post has nothing to do with running, except that I didn't workout last night as I had a work event to attend.

We went to a local Wine Tasting room (Apex), I know great for the pregnant lady, and painted. Sounds odd, but a local company (Corks and Canvas)  holds painting events at a variety of wine tasting rooms in our area.

I should start by saying this is the best painting I have EVER completed. I don't paint. I am not artsy at all.

Bam! There you have it! My first every painting. It is supposed to be a bridge. LOL! My daughter told me this morning that I need to add some more details. Maybe people on the bridge or having a picnic. I just laughed. I was happy enough to complete it.  I joked last night that I should hang it in front of my treadmill for something to day dream about. I have a feeling it would just make me laugh and I might risk injury.

Have you every participated in a painting event?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One thing that makes me happy

Sunday, while we were driving home from the airport and complaining about the drastic weather change. We went from 70-80 degree's to 45 degrees in a few hours. Leaving the warm weather to come to the drizzly cool winter of Washington is sad.  Although today the sun is shinning even if it was 38 degrees as I drove into work.

My spirits picked up when we arrived home to our freezing cold house (54 degrees), to find a package on my doorstep.  A shoe package to be exact! Instantly opened the box from Online Shoes with excitement. I had received an email a few weeks back asking if I wanted to try a pair of shoes......ummm that is like asking a pregnant person if she wants ice cream. Since I am both,  I said yes.
Inside the boxs from Online Shoes, was a pair of Merrell shoes. Shockingly enough a brand I have never worn, but have always wanted to try.

These beautiful Women's Merrell Shoes are part of the Merrell Barefoot collection, and the sole are Vibram technology, again something I have always wanted to try out.

Seriously, how cute are these from the Merrell M-Connect Shoes line. They are the Merrell Stretch Glove and come in 3 different colors.  I just love the pink and gray combo.

Sadly, I have not had a chance to try them out yet. Of course I put them on, but I mean really take them for a spin. I am a huge fan of slip on style shoes that are comfy, that is for another post entirely. After I give these a proper testing I will be back to give you a review - but right now on cute factor along - LOVE!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Thanks DM

For reminding me to not be a slacker.

Yes, my last workout was 9 days ago, but the past 4 days were spent at Disneyland and California Adventure. If I had to guess we walked at least 5 miles everyday.  We walked so much, that by the time we sat down in the hotel room for the night we were all asleep within 20 minutes.  Of course, do the workouts really count when you live on resort food, chocolate milk and churros for 4 days?

Also, does walking out of a broken down ride count as a workout:

We were on Space Mountain when the ride came to a halt. Thankfully, we were near the end, but come one DL get it together. Our daughter insisted on going on it again the next day as she didn't get to finish the ride. Also, when did kids get so fearless. My child was tall enough to go on all rides but one, she was .5 of inch to short for the Screaming roller coaster in California Adventure. The kid loved them all from Tower of Terror to Space Mountain all of which she completed multiple times. 

One thing I did learn about Disney walking, is distance/endurance training is useful. I switched up my shoes several times during the day Toms, Aciscs and flip flops and overall my feet held up really well. Since we were staying at a Disney hotel our days started around 6am so that we could enter the parks for at 7AM for the special early hour and ended between 8-10PM! This is the way to go. We were able to get so many rides done before 8AM when the parks opened to everyone else.

I am sad to be home! I already miss the California weather.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Love'em and Leave'em 5K

I am sure mentioned it before, but I love Saturday races. The Love'em an Leave'em 5K in Seattle took place this past Saturday. The race start time was 9:30, which is perfect for a Saturday morning race.

I picked Julie and Alli up shortly after 8AM and we headed to Greenlake. We arrived with plenty of time to pick up our packets, walk around, create a sign for the tunnel of love and get several samples of the chocolate pound cake at the PCC booth. :)

I told you I was going for pink this year, I had everything on hand even if my pink shirt kept riding up and my socks were falling down. 14 weeks pregnant and I already have a belly, I guess what they say is true that you show sooner with each pregnancy.
We weren't going for a record here, Julie had been sick the day before and was in a funk. Alli was recovering from being sick and well me - I have been having a lot of pain when running. We started out slow and ran the first mile, walked the second and did a run/walk the final 1.1 miles. I don't think the weather could have been more perfect. It looked like it might rain at any time, but it held off.  After the race, we walked through the booths one last time and headed to the car. The next stop of course was Starbucks.
I dropped them off and headed for home. Where I took a shower and then a nice nap. I woke up feeling sore, my round ligament pain was back a little, but my back was killing me. Bending over was near impossible, maybe I shouldn't have taken a nap so soon. The back pain continued into Sunday until I finally wised up and soaked in the bathtub.  I plan to head to the chiropractor this week to help with the back pain. I went to one with my first pregnancy and had very little pain. I am hoping he can help out again this time around.
 How was your weekend?

Friday, February 8, 2013

The low bib numbers, not elite

I have mentioned it before that for local races I tend to get small race numbers. I wish I would have saved them all now, but in hindsight I have no idea where I would have stored them.

The first year I ran my bib number was #7. This was my first race of 2011 and the real start of my running. I used this race as a milestone to get me to my first half marathon a few months later.  I look at this photo and laugh. I look like such a newbie, but at the same time I love it as it is a starting point.

One year later in 2012, I was feeling stronger, slimmer and had more confidence and obtained my current 5K PR. I was looking forward to the year ahead in racing and had big goals in place for 2012.  My bib number was low again at #5.
This was supposed to be my PR race for the year. That is not happening so I will have to move that out to 2014 goal. I have only ran once this week because I continue to experience some pain as my body adjust to growing a baby Wednesday. My goal on Saturday is to run as much as I can and have a great time. I received an email that my bib number is #4! Not shabby. I have a feeling that my photo is going to look hybrid of the photos above. This year I am going to rock more pink and less red. :)
Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Running Inspired

I don't talk much about the books I read, but I always seem to be reading something. When I was giving the opportunity to read a revised edition of a current book I took the chance.

Author Ryan Robert, reached out to me to read his latest version of The Ultimate Beginner's Running Guide. The key to running inspired.  I was excited, not only because it gave me a break from my current book that was dragging on, but because I am already planning my come back.  Sure, I haven't left running, but I am getting slower, 5Ks are harder to finish and post baby I will have 6 weeks of no running per  doctors orders.

Even with all that I have a plan. I have a plan to run the Seattle Half Marathon. This year the race takes place December 1, 2013. That is 16 weeks after my expected due date. Plenty of time.

Back to the book, at first glance - I thought another running book. I have read a million of them. What am I going get out of this book? Besides the basics for any new runner reviewing gear for running, footwear and common problems, warm ups, target hear rates, nutrition and so on. Roberts focuses on the second part of the title of the book.

The key to running inspired.
I am not your average runner, I am not someone who wants to go out and run. I run because I know it is good or me and honestly I love the feeling when I cross the finish line. Whether I am running a 5K or a half marathon I feel great. I often wish I could just skip training runs and have natural ability to run, but I don't. Through out the book Roberts gives a variety of tips to running motivated and inspired. For example.  
Motivation Tip: When you really don't feel like running take a deep breath and say, "Okay, I'll run today, but then I'll take tomorrow off."

It might be a little bit of a lie, you might have to tell yourself the same thing the next day. But I know half the battle for me getting out the door. Additionally, there are visualization exercises to help you get out the door, this is especially good for me as when it is raining out I instantly want to hit the treadmill.
An entire chapter is dedicated to running inspired, its not the longest chapter but  everything is stated in a way that makes you shake your head in agreement. I wish I could copy and past the entire chapter for all to read. The last line in the chapter pretty much wraps it up:
And once you become inspired, only you can set the limits of what you'll accomplish.
The reminder that I need to not compare myself to others and be proud of what I can accomplish while giving it my all. Learn to be proud with my runs and inspired to improve and move forward.

I mentioned it before, but this book came at a perfect time. I plan spend the spring and summer preparing mentally for my fall training schedule. I know I won't be starting off fast, but I plan to use many of the motivation tips in this book, as well as, the visualization exercises to get me across the finish line on December 1.

I would recommend this book to new runners or anyone who is looking to rededicate themselves to running. It has great tips to get out the door and run, while covering all of the basics not to injury yourself.

Have you read any good running books lately?

*disclaimer - this book was provided to me for free for review, however the opinions expressed are mine.  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Many people face barriers in running.
Whether it  be getting out of your own head or reaching a new running distance.
Yesterday, I was zoning out on Facebook and I stumbled across this video.
I hope you enjoy this video.

I won't share when the barrier in our relationship was broken, but it was broken.
Have you broken barriers in your family or running,  you pick?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Update

It was a no alarm clock weekend and it felt great. Although, I will admit I do miss my workout filled Saturday mornings, I just didn't have the motivation this weekend. One of these days I will stop talking about going back to spin class or singing up for prenatal yoga and actually do it.

To tell the truth, I  have been holding out on going back to yoga until I actually look a little pregnant. My belly is starting to pop out a bit, but I still think I just look fat instead of pregnant. I guess I need to get over that and do something about it. 

My exercise this weekend consisted of walking around the Seattle Boat Show on Sunday for  2.5 hours. It was something my husband wanted to do and it gave me a chance to wear my Toms for longer periods of time. I know, that is totally random. We are heading to Disneyland next week and I don't want to wear running shoes the entire time, but I don't think I can rock flip flops either. I have tried some slip on Puma's that I love and pair of other slip ons, but they are just not working out. So far the Tom's are the clear winner,  I am just afraid of making them all stinky for wearing them all day. I know tough decision right?

In other random thoughts, my daughter has been singing the days of the week song she learned at school. My husband pointed out that it is sung to the theme song to the Addams Family.

We of course, had to youtube it to share it with the 5 year old and let her know that it was the family song. :)  I then tried to talk the family into naming this baby Wednesday if it is a girl, but they were not falling for that. For now on though I will refer to Baby2.0 as Wednesday, maybe if I use it enough they will agree. 

How was your weekend?