Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Update

We didn't have a stellar weekend, but I was able to run/walk 2.6 miles with any round ligament pain. I call that a win. I added another sticker to my chart for workouts, while I am not doing great I am slowly improving. My goal this week is to run 2 more days. Yes, only 3 runs a week - but that is better then the 2 I ran last week.  Baby steps to running with a baby.

I will say one of the highlights was taking my little one to get some new running shoes. She was excited to try them out and since it was raining we hit up the treadmill.

She completed half a mile ending with a sprint at 4mph. She was so exited to run in her new hot pink kicks. She even gave me this great pose when she was done with her workout. I declared it a win win situation, since she was able to run/walk some energy off on a rainy day.

Who let my baby grow up, she will be 5 years 6 months in just a few days.
How was your weekend?


  1. She does look very grown up here....

  2. What a doll!!!

    I struggle with RL pain as well. I just bought a maternity running belt and am planning on doing a review about it this week. It has literally saved my running I think! :)

    1. I have been looking at those, I can't wait to here your review.

  3. Awe so cute that she got her treadmill time in and burnt off energy. My 7 year old likes to get on the treadmill and he can go at a 4 for quite a while and wants to go faster. I will let him got a bit faster now and then for a minute or so. I wish I had their energy.

  4. Fun! Love the new pink kicks!

  5. I love her getup! Excellent running atire! Glad you were able to get something in... round ligament pain is the absolute pits.

  6. She looks so cute with her new running shoes!