Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weather Wednesday

anyone else ready for summer :)
I am pretty sure my weather post look the same year round. We are officially into winter in Western Washington. Threats of snow, lots of rain and gray skies.  This means I take my runs indoors as much as possible, but who am I kidding I love my treadmill more then running outside. Although, I will say that right now it is really difficult for me to get moving. I got on my treadmill last night to work on the C25K program and was able to complete 2.5 miles in 30 minutes, but it was tough.
Tomorrow, I will be 10 weeks pregnant and I can't wait to get in the second trimester and start to get some of my energy back. By 8PM, I want to go to bed instead of hitting the treadmill. I need to figure out a new time to workout that works for the family and for me as of right now it is not working. The problem is my other option is before work and 5AM does not sound good either. I am sure I will continue to complain about this for a until I figure something out.
How is the weather in your neck of the woods?


  1. Hooray for 10 weeks! Time flies--for me at least haha! We are unseasonably warm and snow-free here in Chicago. It's almost 50 here today which is unheard of. I really think our climate is changing.

  2. We're supposed to have 70-degree weather this weekend and the kicker is...I'll be in New York. Ba dum bum.

  3. Weather today was great for my first outside run in months!! It was super slooooow but SUNNY @34 degrees and SUNNY...and the 4 miles felt great.

    Not great...I came home and ate too much...b/c its January and I must be related to bears therefore I believe I should eat a ton of food in the winter!!! UGH!

  4. weather yucky here too! wish it was snow instead of rain though. Yay for 10 weeks, hope the energy gets there soon!

  5. So jealous of your weather. Today is great but starting tomorrow we are supposed to have a winter storm system move through dump snow and get really really cold. Boo