Monday, January 14, 2013

Try not to be lame

This weekend it got cold in Washington. Not nearly as cold as most places, but when I took my daughter to her Art Class on Saturday morning it was 25 degrees. That is cold for us. I know many PNW made it outside for runs, but my wimpy booty said no way. I stayed inside with my fire place on all weekend. Sunday I did make it onto the treadmill in our garage and thought I should set some goals for the week.

Setting small goals for the week to get motivated again to workout.
Yes, Saturday says 'Try not to be lame' - in other words a little pep talk to do some sort of workout. I have been seriously lazy on the weekends and I need get back to getting a workout in on the weekends.
I think I have found a Prenatal Yoga class, that will help me not to be lame on the weekends since it is only offered on Saturday mornings. I am have sent them an email to learn more before I sign up.
How was your weekend? 


  1. I ate a lot more vegetables so that was good...exercised some...and saw TWO movies...I guess I can't complain!! (But it wouldn't be the Minnesotan in me if I didn't mention any thing about the it could have been about 50 and then LIFE would have been almost PERFECT! ha!)

    I will try not to be LAME too...ha!

  2. I hate getting out when it's that cold too. Great job getting in some treadmill time:)

  3. Love the "try not to be lame". :) That's so fitting to my life these days!

    Congrats on getting the workouts in that you did!