Thursday, January 24, 2013


1. Added my first sticker to my reward chart last night. Yes, I am excited about that.  Sure it was only a 30 minute walk, but it was better then nothing.

2. I love how people find my blog. It always cracks me up.  Clearly people are looking for a 5K Foam Fest Promo Code. Remember, I ran it last year and gave away a free entry. I just like the last three - runner - okay I did run a lot last year I guess I can be called a runner. Slacker! Ha! Yes, I am huge slacker who is constantly pushing to not be a slacker. Last but not least - "busehes to pee", I am pretty sure I only posted once about peeing in a bush, yet people have found me by searching for that.  I think my question is who searches for that? Really, I need to do a google search on bushes to pee and see what else comes up that make people want to search that. I will admit I am scared to search that.

3. I love cereal, but I really love this stuff. Don't judge its made with whole grains it has to be healthy right?

What is your favorite cereal?


  1. Funny...that is ONE of my daughter's favorite cereals too!! I don't think I have a favorite cereal...I really like a lot of different kinds depending on the mood.

    1. It is like crack in our household. Especially being pregnant - I would rather eat this then ice cream! So good.

  2. Mmm Cinnamon Life cereal (dry) is like crack for me...yummm

  3. too funny that you posted about cereal as well today! I do love reese puffs, esp w/ chocolate milk, yum!

  4. Hahaha... that's awesome with the searches!

    I've never tried the Reese cereal. I guess because I'm scared I'll become addicted! I love Lucky Charms!