Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The struggle

My attempt to keep my pregnancy talk to a minimum is not working. Right now it is impacting my running world - so you get to hear about it. :)

This is my second child, as most of you know I have a wonderful 5 year old who is really amazing. If you have had the chance to met you would understand. I am pretty sure that we are not AMAZING parents, but in the words of Lady Gaga, she was born this way. For a first pregnancy she was easy. I never had a contraction, I never had a fake contraction and over all my pregnancy was uneventful. That is unless you count delivering early due to pre-e. That was on me though, she was content to stay in the womb as long as she could. 2 weeks early and she was a healthy 8lbs 1oz.

This time I am a scared. First of gaining a million pounds. I have been sicker this time around then I was with Evie. I have been eating carbs, carbs and oh more carbs. The sickness is starting to lift, and I am getting closer to the second trimester so I am hoping I can control my eating. Secondly, I had a doctors appointment this week. The doctor did a quick ultrasound to check the size, and the baby was moving around like crazy. So much that the doctor commented on how much it was moving, when I told her my first on was mellow the entire time. She said, I don't think this one will be. Eeek! Please let the doctor be wrong, please! 

Overall things are going well but staying motivated to workout is tough.  I am sure I will say that a million times over, but my lazy gene is kicking in.  I feel like I need to give myself a reward chart, like I would use with my daughter. I workout for 30 minutes a day I get x prize! :)

How is your week going? Are you motivated in January or is hard for you to get back in the grove?


  1. Girl...we need to live closer and we could go for long walks while "sharing" our issues with food, weight gain, and motivation. Hoping of course, that we don't urge each other on to the closest yogurt shop where we indulge in a yummy treat. ha!

    That said, the past two weeks have been horrible for me. For my S.A.D. For my weight. For my family (I am guessing here...)although, they haven't said any thing I am pretty sure they are sick of mom moping around the house in a state of constant craziness.

    It's a vicious cycle and a slippery slope I am sliding down.

  2. January is such a hard month to get moving, let along when you are pregnant! :) Keep your head up. You are doing great. And you know what, if baby #2 is a mover and shaker, he/she will be awesome just like #1.

  3. I think you deserve all the prizes you want! Firey babies are awesome too. Believe it. : )

  4. Don't be too hard on yourself! It sounds like you might be in for a different experience this time though :D ... just do what you can when you can and most importantly stay healthy and happy! Have a great week x


  5. What? How did I miss this news? CONGRATULATIONS! Holy crap, I'm the worst follower ever.

  6. Your Blog is your chose the content.. funny our second was much more active from the wound and he is MUCh different than his brother.. Our baby was crazy during the ultrasound too :)

    We should swap numbers so we can text to keep eachother motivated. 2nd trimester is awesome so far for me...still tired off and on but the nausea is gone.

    My luck this baby loves healthy food and I feel ill when I eat badly.. LOL!

    Hugs and congrats! I realized that my ticker was based on the due date the Ultrasound tech gave me but my Dr. told me we were sticking with her date, so I need to fix that. I add a new week every Monday.