Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years 5K

I didn't participate in an organized run yesterday, but I figured I need to start the year off right. I was feeling better in the evening so I turned on Netflix (DC Cupcakes) and got on the treadmill. I know I won't be doing any speedy 5Ks over the next few months, but I do plan to get in a few organized events.

One of my favorite gifts from Christmas are my new running shoes. Even if I won't be knocking back a million miles this winter, I will do it in comfort and style.
I had to retire my last pair of Mizunos after the 3-day walk. I loved those shoes and they helped me make it through the 3-day with minimal blisters.  When I came home I started wearing my Asics again and while I liked them they were not the same. Santa was kind enough to bring me these pretties and they make me want to run.

Another great gift I received at Christmas are my new compression socks. I am a fan of Zensah socks and sleeves and when I saw the Argyle I asked Santa for new pair and these showed up in my stocking.  I had to take them back to RoadRunnerSports as Santa brought a Medium and I need a large. RRS didn't have them in large so I just ordered from Zensah directly and I can't wait for them to arrive.

Did you get anything good gifts or score any deals with the holiday sales?


  1. Love those new shoes! I'm waiting on a new pair of running kicks to ship to me that I bought in part with a Christmas gift card.

  2. LOVE the shoes! hats off to ya for jumping on that treadmill! I think a run on New Years Day is the way to tell ourselves, we're gonna take 2013 and make it OURS!!!

  3. Love the new shoes-such a pretty color!