Thursday, January 31, 2013

13 Weeks

Thursday's are my days to start a new week as a knocked up women. :) The past 13 weeks have been rough compared to my last pregnancy. I am looking forward to the second trimester and  the energy burst that is supposed to come back.

We had an ultrasound earlier this week and if you are friends with me on Facebook I shared a photo of what I thought was a transformer baby.

This lead to funny conversation during the rest of our ultrasounds. I am pretty sure the technician thought we were crazy. To early to determine if it is a boy or a girl. The tech said the baby had its legs crossed the entire time, which makes me lean towards girl as that is how my first one was. 
Once I posted it on Facebook someone commented that it could be a Ninja Turtle. Autobot or turtle in a half shell I am good either way.  :) Baby 2.0 is healhty and growing 4 days a head at this time. For now my due date in August will remain the same, but I have a feeling this one will be coming in July.
What is your vote Transformer or Ninja Turtle?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

20 minutes

I did not want to workout last night. I forced my self on the treadmill with the old standby just workout for 20 minutes and if you still want to quite then you can.

I got on the treadmill turned on Biggest Loser and started walking after the first the first quarter mile I decided to do 10 incline push ups. After that I figured I would do the push ups every quarter mile. During the commercials I added in some additional arm work that I could do weight free and while walking. This workout wasn't the fastest, it wasn't the most intense, but it was what I needed to keep from sitting on the couch eating Oreo's.

Are you racing in February?  For local racers if you are looking for a Valentine's Day Dash, I would recommend this event that is at Greenlake. Plus if you purchase it through Zozi - you can sign up with for $24.  I have ran it the past two years and wanted to make it my PR race this year, but that won't be happening this year.  Either way, I will be there :). I would recommend starting in the front if you are fast as the course can get crowded.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Update

We didn't have a stellar weekend, but I was able to run/walk 2.6 miles with any round ligament pain. I call that a win. I added another sticker to my chart for workouts, while I am not doing great I am slowly improving. My goal this week is to run 2 more days. Yes, only 3 runs a week - but that is better then the 2 I ran last week.  Baby steps to running with a baby.

I will say one of the highlights was taking my little one to get some new running shoes. She was excited to try them out and since it was raining we hit up the treadmill.

She completed half a mile ending with a sprint at 4mph. She was so exited to run in her new hot pink kicks. She even gave me this great pose when she was done with her workout. I declared it a win win situation, since she was able to run/walk some energy off on a rainy day.

Who let my baby grow up, she will be 5 years 6 months in just a few days.
How was your weekend?

Thursday, January 24, 2013


1. Added my first sticker to my reward chart last night. Yes, I am excited about that.  Sure it was only a 30 minute walk, but it was better then nothing.

2. I love how people find my blog. It always cracks me up.  Clearly people are looking for a 5K Foam Fest Promo Code. Remember, I ran it last year and gave away a free entry. I just like the last three - runner - okay I did run a lot last year I guess I can be called a runner. Slacker! Ha! Yes, I am huge slacker who is constantly pushing to not be a slacker. Last but not least - "busehes to pee", I am pretty sure I only posted once about peeing in a bush, yet people have found me by searching for that.  I think my question is who searches for that? Really, I need to do a google search on bushes to pee and see what else comes up that make people want to search that. I will admit I am scared to search that.

3. I love cereal, but I really love this stuff. Don't judge its made with whole grains it has to be healthy right?

What is your favorite cereal?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reward charts

If you have kids you are probably familiar with reward charts, behavior charts or the good ol' marble jar method.  Here is my reward chart - it is double sided and the other side has January on it. I have not added any stickers, but my goal is to workout be active 30 minutes a day.

I have been slacking, sure I ran on Sunday, have I done anything since. Nope! I am hoping this will motivate me to get my vum in gear. I plan to post it right next to my daughters reading chart.

She gets stickers for every book she completes. If she completes the chart we told her we will take her to Disneyland. Don't tell her we have already planned the trip, this is just our motivation to get her wanting to reading, instead of it feeling like homework.

I am taking a page out of my own book and using it on myself......yea that sounds weird.  What should be my reward be? It has to be good enough to motivate me? It can't be a food item, even though a chocolate shake might just do it during this weeks pregnancy cravings.

If you offer yourself a rewards for completing goals what do you pick?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Run for Starbucks

The goal was to run a 5K a month as long as I could. In January I couldn't find an official 5K, so I met up with Julie and her daughter yesterday to run our Unoffical 5K for Starbucks.  We originally were going to run for Froyo, but it was 35 degrees out.  I wasn't sure how to dress as I usually would run on my treadmill at this temp. I opted for a new pair of leggings I received for Christmas (bad idea, caused a little chaffing), my run for cupcakes shirt, a vest, gloves, bondiband to cover the ears and a hat. I ended up being the perfect temp.

Alli had mapped out a loop around their neighborhood and the goal was to run it three times. The first mile, Alli had her fastest mile, we slowed a little for the second and third mile but we were able to help her obtain a PR! Might not be official, but she completed the distance and refused to stop until her Garmin said 3.1! I am proud that she pushed through.

Afterwards we heading to Starbucks to pick up something to warm us up! It was a great way to end a fun little run.

I felt great most of the run. There was  small down hill on each loop, that made my belly feel strange but I didn't think anything of it. That is until I got out of my car at home. I had a pain in my lower stomach. Something I later figured out is round ligament pain. I never thought I would lounge around so much after a 5K, but my body really needed it this time. I hope I am able to keep this pain in check and continue running/walking for a while longer.

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The struggle

My attempt to keep my pregnancy talk to a minimum is not working. Right now it is impacting my running world - so you get to hear about it. :)

This is my second child, as most of you know I have a wonderful 5 year old who is really amazing. If you have had the chance to met you would understand. I am pretty sure that we are not AMAZING parents, but in the words of Lady Gaga, she was born this way. For a first pregnancy she was easy. I never had a contraction, I never had a fake contraction and over all my pregnancy was uneventful. That is unless you count delivering early due to pre-e. That was on me though, she was content to stay in the womb as long as she could. 2 weeks early and she was a healthy 8lbs 1oz.

This time I am a scared. First of gaining a million pounds. I have been sicker this time around then I was with Evie. I have been eating carbs, carbs and oh more carbs. The sickness is starting to lift, and I am getting closer to the second trimester so I am hoping I can control my eating. Secondly, I had a doctors appointment this week. The doctor did a quick ultrasound to check the size, and the baby was moving around like crazy. So much that the doctor commented on how much it was moving, when I told her my first on was mellow the entire time. She said, I don't think this one will be. Eeek! Please let the doctor be wrong, please! 

Overall things are going well but staying motivated to workout is tough.  I am sure I will say that a million times over, but my lazy gene is kicking in.  I feel like I need to give myself a reward chart, like I would use with my daughter. I workout for 30 minutes a day I get x prize! :)

How is your week going? Are you motivated in January or is hard for you to get back in the grove?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Try not to be lame

This weekend it got cold in Washington. Not nearly as cold as most places, but when I took my daughter to her Art Class on Saturday morning it was 25 degrees. That is cold for us. I know many PNW made it outside for runs, but my wimpy booty said no way. I stayed inside with my fire place on all weekend. Sunday I did make it onto the treadmill in our garage and thought I should set some goals for the week.

Setting small goals for the week to get motivated again to workout.
Yes, Saturday says 'Try not to be lame' - in other words a little pep talk to do some sort of workout. I have been seriously lazy on the weekends and I need get back to getting a workout in on the weekends.
I think I have found a Prenatal Yoga class, that will help me not to be lame on the weekends since it is only offered on Saturday mornings. I am have sent them an email to learn more before I sign up.
How was your weekend? 

Friday, January 11, 2013

High Five Friday

I wanted to give a big shout out and high five to everyone running Disney this weekend. I realize I am bit late a the 5K has already taken place, but for those running the half, the full or going goofy this weekend HAVE  A BLAST!

Everyone else, whatever your running goals may be make it great! My goal is small, run for 30 minutes using the C25K program,  but I will feel good I can complete it.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Random Question Thursday

Like most women who announce they are pregnant, you instantly start getting lots of interesting questions. I for one laugh at them, but many pregnant women find them rude or intrusive. Here are some of the fun questions we have have been asked:

Was this planned? This questions should be avoided. Because at the end of the day does it really matter.  Yes our child was planned.

An even better version of the above questions is Did you want to get pregnant? Yes, we did. If we didn't we would take measure to make sure it didn't happen. Of course even if this baby was a surprise do you think I or anyone else is going to say no. :)

How long were you trying? Seriously, you want to know how long we were doing the deed?  Yes, we have been asked this.

Were you really sick at the 3-day? Yes, I was really sick. I didn't know at the time I was pregnant. In fact, were were pretty sure we wouldn't get pregnant in November because I was out of town for the 3-day walk. 

Do you want a boy or a girl? Well, I would love a healthy baby. With our first we really wanted a boy and had a girl. Would I change that, heck now I have an amazing little girl. Now, for us a girl would be easier as we know what to do, but a boy would still be great.

When are you due? This is a pretty common question and I don't think it is out of line at all. Our due date is August 8th. However, I will be having a c/s again this time due to my hips being pinned together from breaking my pelvic bone when I was 18. I had the option last time to have a regular birth but opted for the c/s when they told me one of the major risks would be breaking my pelvic again. Breaking that once is enough for me. This will make my due date any time between the August 1st and the 8th.  With my first I had issues with pre-e at the end, which ended with her being two weeks early, crossing my fingers that I can keep everything under control this time.

That is all of the questions I can think of right now. Have you been asked any crazy questions about pregnancy?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weather Wednesday

anyone else ready for summer :)
I am pretty sure my weather post look the same year round. We are officially into winter in Western Washington. Threats of snow, lots of rain and gray skies.  This means I take my runs indoors as much as possible, but who am I kidding I love my treadmill more then running outside. Although, I will say that right now it is really difficult for me to get moving. I got on my treadmill last night to work on the C25K program and was able to complete 2.5 miles in 30 minutes, but it was tough.
Tomorrow, I will be 10 weeks pregnant and I can't wait to get in the second trimester and start to get some of my energy back. By 8PM, I want to go to bed instead of hitting the treadmill. I need to figure out a new time to workout that works for the family and for me as of right now it is not working. The problem is my other option is before work and 5AM does not sound good either. I am sure I will continue to complain about this for a until I figure something out.
How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

Monday, January 7, 2013


Sunday was not motivated to workout at all. I just wanted to lay on the couch and take a nap, but my little one will never let that happen. I finally decided that the kiddo and I should go for a walk outside. The weather was not the best, it was cool and sprinkling a little. We grabbed our umbrellas and headed out. I motivated her with the promise to play at the park and then cupcakes. Since it was raining I new we wouldn't have to play at the park, but we walked there anyways.

Once she realized the park was wet she agreed to go to the cupcake store. Of course once we arrived there it was closed. We continued down the road to a new donut store that opened and arrived there and it was closed. We finally settled on a new to us coffee shop for a snack. 3 miles total and a new place to visit (as it has a great kids  area) and we were both happy.  Not the best reason to go for a walk, but I figured even if I ended the walk with cupcake it was better then sitting on the couch all day.

How was your weekend?

Friday, January 4, 2013

Do you Tweet?

I deleted my twitter account yesterday, I am not sure why but I just wasn't using it much. Besides automatic updates from my dailymile posts or Facebook updates.

The thing about twitter, for me, is I could get sucked into reading other peoples random post. Then I have to view the entire conversation. After all of that I still felt like I was on the outside of an inside joke. :)  Clearing being on twitter wasn't for me and I am sure I won't miss it.  I had this great joke to post, but blogger is hating on me right now and not letting me upload any I got nothing.

Are you a Twitter addict?

Thursday, January 3, 2013


1. I was 5 weeks pregnant when I ran my last race.
2. My goal is to continue to run 5Ks until I am just waddling across the finish line. I have already started a list of races I am registered for in my sidebar. The last time I was pregnant I cancelled my gym membership at 20 weeks. I had to cancel my Hot Yoga membership, but once I hit 10 weeks I plan to join a prenatal yoga class. 

3. Last night instead of going for a ride on my spin bike I sat on the couch and ate pickles. I know so cliche, but they were good.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years 5K

I didn't participate in an organized run yesterday, but I figured I need to start the year off right. I was feeling better in the evening so I turned on Netflix (DC Cupcakes) and got on the treadmill. I know I won't be doing any speedy 5Ks over the next few months, but I do plan to get in a few organized events.

One of my favorite gifts from Christmas are my new running shoes. Even if I won't be knocking back a million miles this winter, I will do it in comfort and style.
I had to retire my last pair of Mizunos after the 3-day walk. I loved those shoes and they helped me make it through the 3-day with minimal blisters.  When I came home I started wearing my Asics again and while I liked them they were not the same. Santa was kind enough to bring me these pretties and they make me want to run.

Another great gift I received at Christmas are my new compression socks. I am a fan of Zensah socks and sleeves and when I saw the Argyle I asked Santa for new pair and these showed up in my stocking.  I had to take them back to RoadRunnerSports as Santa brought a Medium and I need a large. RRS didn't have them in large so I just ordered from Zensah directly and I can't wait for them to arrive.

Did you get anything good gifts or score any deals with the holiday sales?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I didn't make any resolutions this year, but my daughter did.

I have been quiet the past few weeks because I have been sick and not working out. I guess it is time to confuse. I have not just been sick, I have had morning sickness or as I like to call it all day sickness. Makes it difficult to want to workout when you feel like you want to puke.
This will also explain my lack of planning for 2013 running events. :)