Thursday, December 6, 2012


Monday I got a short run in following the C25K program, and then I jumped on my Spin bike for 15 minutes. I forgot how much I missed spin, until I got back on the bike on Tuesday. Ouchie! I know I will get used to it. After my ride on Tuesday I decided to do some leg work and I started getting a pain on my inner thigh. The same pain I had last week after yoga. I took yesterday off to give my leg a rest, I don't want to injury myself.

Some days I am lucky enough to work from home. Yesterday, I worked from home which was perfect because a bunch of packages arrived. When I was done working I quickly wrapped them and put all the boxes in the recycle before anyone came home.

If you have not watched the video going around on Facebook from College Humor. I suggest you check it out. I was laughing so hard yesterday over Look at this Instagram and I am not Awake.


  1. I've recently been digging back into Spinning... more miles on the Spin bike than run shoes last week. Say what?!

  2. Way to go on your spinning! I love it! Those videos are hilarious:)

  3. Seriously its stuff like that that makes me glad I don't instagram~tweet~pin~etc....the making fun of it is so true...why does my daughter take a picture of hard macaroni stuck to the lotion on her face and then put it all over instagram to get a bunch of likes??? Oh the fun ....I guess I like to keep my life and sillies a bit more personal. But to each their own right?

    So what is up with that leg pain?

  4. You picked a good day to work from home it sounds like. Allan just tells me not to open anything once this time of the year rolls around. With my birthday and Christmas in the same week he has a rough time hiding presents.