Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Rush 5K

Friday night I was texting Julie saying "if it is raining in the morning I am not running". Turns out it was cold and beautiful instead.  I got up and cursed when it wasn't raining. I really wanted to stay home. Instead I ate a bowl of fruity Cheerios and headed out the door. I wasn't expecting much of the Christmas Rush 5K as I only paid $10, but was surprised at there set up, it was very well organized. I ran into Nicole within a few minutes, she was actually screaming at her friend in the parking lot behind me. We walked together to get our bibs, after that I lost them. But ran into Kerrie while waiting for the race to start with Julie and her kids.

The outfit was simple - my trusty Nike DriFit coat...I love this thing, SparkleSkirt, Zensah base layer leggings, and my Asics 2160. I had originally planned to wear a red Team-Sparkle skirt but while I was looking for it I saw my blue skirt that arrived last month and I have not had a chance to wear.

(I love alpahbetical races my third time being #7, I have also sported #5,  #9 x2 and #1)
The race started on time and according to out chip time vs gun time it took us almost 3 minutes to cross the starting line. There was a lot of people at this event, many with kids of all ages. Alli and I started on our way, while Julie walked with her youngest and her other son ran in front of us. Alli's goal was 46 minutes, I didn't have my watch so my goal was to just encourage her to run more then we walk. She awesome. At first I let her pick our first walk breaks. After the first mile, I started picking them and challenging her to run just a little farther then she thought she could. The course was flat and a little crowded in places, but a great place for a PR. We crossed the finish line to it saying 59 something. We knew that time was for the 10K start, so we subtracted 10 minutes and knew that we were close to her PR. I had to leave soon after Julie arrived with her youngest so I didn't get to find out our final time until later int he evening. When I looked it up I was beyond excited to see my time was 46:02 and Alli's was 46:01! She hit her goal almost right on the nose!!!
This was my last race of 2012 - making it 16 events for the year (not including any virtual races). A great way to close out 2012!
How was your weekend?


  1. Good for you weekend was horribly horrid with my eating...turning a new corner and mile today though.

  2. Wow great job! 16 races is amazing!

  3. how awesome for her to hit her goal exactly! congrats on have 15 races for the year--- now on to 2013!

  4. How fun to wear an ELITE # huh?!! LOL
    I love your skirt.. obviously since I have the same one in purple! :) We could be twinzies!

  5. So great to see you as always! You are such a positive, inspiring person. Merry Christmas!

  6. The skirt is so cute! Great job on helping Alli reach her goal time and set a new PR!

  7. Sounds like the perfect way to cap off the racing year. Well done!