Monday, December 3, 2012

Bring on the holidays

This weekend was a lazy weekend for us. Not to say that we didn't get a lot of things done, just I didn't do a single workout. Getting back into the swing of things is tougher then I thought. Many times I said "I am going to go workout", but continued to sit on the couch or do something else.

I did finally get a picture of our tree this weekend. We seem to be the only ones in our 4-plex that didn't put it right in front of the window. My lovely child decided to photo bomb my picture.

I also accomplished completing 90% of my Christmas shopping.  I think this is a record for me. I am usually a last minute shopper. I have just 2 more people to purchase for excluding my husband and daughter. We also got all of our Christmas cards out this year. Which took some effort as I skipped our standard photo card that doesn't require me to write anything and went traditional. A basic cards that required a personalized message. All cards have been mailed except one. There always seems to be one person who's address you just can't find, not to bad since I send out just under 50 cards each year.

Do you send photo cards,  a letter or regular cards? Do you have  large number of people to send to?


  1. Wow you got a lot done! Good job:) Tree looks beautiful. I am way behind, no gifts yet and no cards made. I am impressed you did handwritten cards:)

  2. I didn't send out cards last year...b/c of a death in the family around Thanksgiving and every thing just went too fast...this year with Facebook and every one knowing exactly what is going on in our life any way we opted not to send again...maybe I will think of something creative for next year.



  3. Jennifer,
    Rob and I send out 75 cards every year. We have a photo taken on Thanksgiving weekend with us and the doggies. Costco photo cards are ordered and I love the ritual of hand-addressing the cards and the kitchen table over several nights.

    Sometimes we do a newsletter, but not this year. My favorite about receiving newsletters is to count all the exclamation points my friends and family use describing their activities. Hysterical!

    I'm sure all your friends really appreciate your hand-written card. I know I always do.

  4. Your tree looks beautiful! I've done traditional cards in the past but last year and this year we did photo cards. I really enjoy making the collages and last year I wrote a letter on the back of the card but this year we kept our greeting short and sweet.