Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weather Wednesday

While I loved the extra hour of sleep on Sunday,I hate coming home from work and it already being dark outside. Our weather is going downhill on top of it. To say that the weather is impacting my mood lately is an understatement.

Does the weather have an impact on your mood? Do you like or dislike the time change?


  1. This weather sucks! My mood is affected for sure (can you tell?). I do like the fact that is lighter in the morning, but hate that it gets darker in the evening. It doesn't help that it is cloudy and semi-dark all day too. Ugh!

  2. Yes the weather does impact me but opposite of you...I love gloomy weather unless I want to run outside! Love the sunny windy days of fall...when leaves are raining down! Rainy days not so much!

  3. Remember, when we "fall back" we're going back to STANDARD time. We're getting back the hour we gave away last spring. Daylight lessens in the fall and winter and that affects our bodies.
    Here in the South I'm enjoying the fall foliage but I dread the evening walk with the doggies as it gets colder and colder. The dogs seem to love it - but I'm bundled up.

  4. AGH man the weather plays with my mood BADLY! wet & gloomy does me no good I eat more, exercise less and snap at everyone for the smallest of things; I'm trying to be positive with darker days this year.