Monday, November 12, 2012

Walk Week is here

I am sure that everyone is so over hearing me talk about this event, so you are lucky it is walk week! 

Here is the final week of training - seems easy enough! The only issue I have to get all my stuff washed and packed, so I need to move my last walk to Monday. I am flying out Wednesday morning and can't wait to get to warmer weather. It has been freezing here. 

I posted on my Facebook that I was having troubles picking out my outfits. Part of the reason for that is I have 4 awesome SparkleSkirts and I only need outfits for 3 days. I am leaning towards wearing the Peacock style all 3 days.

While picking out my outfits is hard, packing is more difficult then I imagined. I want to make sure everything is easy to find in the morning. I have read many bloggers list for packing for relays, so I am taking a page out of that book.

Here is one outfit before stuffing it in a plastic bag. L-R - Socks from target that I am going to use as arm sleeves in the morning. Pink top, SpakleSkirt, Zenash Calf Sleeves, Enell Bra and two pairs of Injinji socks. Two pairs of socks are recommended for each day. This allows you to change your socks mid day. All packed up in a zip lock bag. As soon as I finish washing a few things I will have day 2 and 3 packed and ready.  

Up next was to put a bag of recovery items from ibuprofen, Zensah compression socks, muscle creams, rubby scrubby for my feet and lotions. I hope I have everything I need to recover and be prepared for the next day.  

I still have to pack my other clothing and figure out if I am going get this into a carry on bag or have to check luggage. I am leaning towards checking my bag since I have to pack two pairs or shoes and want to take my Stick. I am afraid they won't let me take it as a carry on.

What are your must have recovery items?


  1. compression socks....water....and I recently tried the STICK too...loved it!!

  2. Good luck! So excited that your event is finally here. I've travelled with running buddies who have taken their Sticks as carry ons. They just make sure to lay them out separately through security. No problems.

  3. compression socks and lot of water and rest! Good luck, I can't wait to read all about it! I love your pretty skirts!

  4. Sounds like you have the packing totally under control. I successfully traveled with my stick in a carry on - created no problems what so ever.

  5. It sounds like you are very prepared already. The bags for each day are a great idea!