Thursday, November 1, 2012

October in Review

October was a good month for me. I didn't get all of my long walks in as expected, but I was having some strange pains in both my right knee and ankle. Which has me fearing my body is going to give out during the 3-day walk, but that is another post on its own.

A quick run down of October:  Cupcake Classic |  Snohomish River Run Half  | Pumpkin Dash 5K

All while training for the Susan G. Komen 3 day walk. My times in all of these events were not stellar, it is amazing how quickly I am losing my running fitness by walk training. I need work on a plan to get that back starting in December.

2012 Running Goals
Run 4 Half Marathons - 6 down - Race Recap's

Try a new distance - SGK 3-Day walk in November 2012

Run 12 Races Total - Done! Total of 14 Race so far in 2012 - Race Recap's

Year of the PR - work on PRing in 5K, 10K and Half -
PR - 5K, St. Patricks Day Dash PR - Need to work on that half...moving this to next year.

Run more miles then 2011 (in June switched to to walking to train for 3-day walk. Mileage below includes running an walking)

2011 Miles - 505.29 | 2012 Miles - 708.50
January - 10 | 40
February- 56 | 65
March - 61 | 61.5
April - 72- | 76
May - 34 | 65
June - 16 | 69
July - 31 | 63
August - 42 | 54
September - 48 | 117
October - 64 | 98
November - 69 |
December - 7 |

What up next? SGK 3-day Walk - I leave for that November 14th. After that I am registered for the Seattle Half Marathon on the 25th of November but I am unsure right now if I am going to do it.

How did October treat you?


  1. I can't believe it's already November and almost time for your 3-day walk. Good luck with these last couple of weeks of training!

  2. I somehow managed to miss the fact you were doing such an awesome challenge ... 3 day walk WOW. Great to read you have had a good month keep it up; hope the niggles stay away and you will be fantastic for your walk xx