Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 3 - SGK

You can read about Day 1 and Day 2. Day 3 started out great. I woke up and felt a million times better. I started my morning with a bottle of Gatorade while we colored my hair pink for the day. It was the last day and I was feeling great so we went all out.

We had breakfast again at camp. It felt to be able to eat and actually enjoy my food. Shortly after breakfast we were off. We took our time today. It was the last day and we knew that we didn't have to make it to the end until 4:30.  Shortly after 9AM it started to rain. Everyone around started putting on there rain gear, but I didn't bother. It wasn't raining that hard and within 15-20 minutes it had stopped. My friend decided to ride the shuttle to the next pit stop as her knee was bothering her. They said they had a sports medicine doctor at the other stop so she wanted to have it checked out. My aunt and I continued one. I really enjoyed this portion of the walk.  
We met up with my friend and she joined us for a few more miles. As we were coming up on mile 10, the lady next to us said her Garmin said mile 12, which was a pretty typical occurrence on this walk. The mileage they provided and the actually mileage was usually different. My friend to the shuttle again to give her knee some rest, and my aunt and I climbed the final hill of the walk. It was a long uphill through a beautiful neighborhood. The homeowners were out offering everything from chips and salsa to mini margaritas. 
After the long hill we walked through what felt like a pub crawl. All these open air restaurants and teams stopping for lunch, beers and margaritas. If our team was all together at that time we would have stopped. Instead I took an Otter Pop when it was offered and my aunt drank a Tecate as we walked.
After another pit stop we finally made it to launch. Where we posed with one of our favorite shuttle vans.

At lunch my aunt decided to cut open the side of her shoe as she had a really bad blister on her pinky toe. I should say her blister had a pinky toe it was that big. Another walker mentioned that she had cut out her shoe to give her pinky toe more room.  
We finished up the last few miles, walked through a crowd of people cheering us on and made our way into the holding area. In the holding area we got our shirts and had a chance to sit down and reflect that we had just finished this amazing event. My aunt completed every step of the 60 miles, my friend and I completed 45 miles, while being sick.  The start of the opening ceremony was us walking through our friends and family, a drum line and a supporters. We were then lead into the stage are that was gated off just for walkers.  The opening ceremonies began and many people started tearing up, and when the survivors who walked with us during the 3 day entered we raised our shoes to to them. This brought the tears.  

 After the closing ceremony was over we walked back to the car and celebrated with some champagne.  

Today on Thanksgiving I am thankful for the course support, the medics, the random walkers we met along the way and the chance to participate in this event while raising money for breast cancer detection and prevention.


  1. Hooray! Congratulations Jen! I probably would have been crying the entire time:) So glad you felt better on the 3rd day:) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. What a great experience! This seems so cool...other than being sick you did great all your pre-walking prep really seemed to pay off.

    (and the pink hair is totally cool!)

  3. Way to go! Glad the last day was better for you. So rough to try to push through something when ill! So what's next? :)

  4. What an amazing experience Jen! I probably would have cried so much during the course of the 3-day event. I get so emotional. Congratulations to the three of you for finishing and a big high five to your aunt for walking all 60 miles!