Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 2 - SGK

You can read about Day 1 - HERE. Let's see where did I leave off...of yea. Day 1 we completed 12 miles and then cut out early and passed out in our hotel. My friend and I were sick.

Day 2 we got up and I was feeling a little off but I thought I could push through. My friend was feeling a lot better. My aunt picked us up and we headed to the camp for breakfast. They had everything to choose from. I loaded up oatmeal, banana, croissant, bacon, hash brown and grabbed some apple juice. I didn't eat all of this but ate bits and pieces of some of it. Trying to figure out what would make my stomach feel the best.

Shortly after breakfast we were off and on our way.  We saw a rainbow before we left the camp to start our walk. A sure sign that day 2 was going to be great. Boy was I tricked.
Today we started by walking towards Seaworld and out and back loop around Mission Bay. At the first Pit Stop I wasn't feeling to good. But I kept going. One of the things that helped to keep us moving was the support of walkers and people cheering along the way. These two guys wore onsies the entire second day. Their team name was Areola 51. :)
By the second pit stop I couldn't eat or drink and I felt like all the energy had gone from my body. I decided that I need ride the next van to the next pit stop. Once I got to the next pit stop I sat in the shade for a while. The thought of drinking or eating was making me ill, so I got in a van to head to the Lunch destination where I could go to medical. I arrived to the medical tent looking bad. My vitals were good, but I was dehydrated and I had not gone pee since 7AM. I had walked 5.5 miles so far on day 2 and thought I was going to pass out. They had me rest while we waited for a van to take me to camp. The nurse mentioned my skin was so cold for it being warm out, but besides that I just had a virus. After laying in the medical tent for a while they were ready to send me in a van to camp. I asked if I could stay and wait for my team, I would leave the medical tent and rest in the sun to warm up.
Entertainment at lunch, people line dancing
They agreed that would be fine. After a while of sipping on Nuun and resting I started to feel great. It was like this icky virus just left my body. I decided to try to eat. I ate my enter lunch and drank another bottle of water and before long I had to go pee. :) My team arrived and I waited for them to eat.  I told them I was feeling a lot better and I was going to try to walk the remaining 8 miles with them. If need to take a van I would, but all of a sudden I felt so much better. I didn't understand it, but the pressure I was feeling in my stomach an chest was gone. The feeling of motion sickness was almost completely gone.  The more I walk on day 2 the better I felt.
 The views were amazing! We walked almost the full 8 miles on the coast! 

The finally mile, my aunt was ready to be done for the day. She was always a few steps a head of us blazing to get done.

I was so excited to cross the finish line on day 2. I might have only completed 13.5 miles, but I was feeling great. I knew that Sunday was going to be my day.  We decided to skip the camp party on Saturday night and just head back to the hotel. We didn't want to risk it. My friend walked all of Day 2, my aunt rocked it out and completed all of day 2 as well.

We got to the hotel and my friend and I ordered room service and the guy asked me how many people were in my room. When I said two and asked if I ordered to much food? We were hungry, we each got a dinner and dessert that night.  We called it a night shortly before 8PM. The night did not end perfectly for me, while I felt better I woke up many times during the night to run to the bathroom. I was thankful I was not vomiting, but my system was trying to rid itself of something bad.

Come back to hear about the final day tomorrow and Friday a post on how great this event is.....from an event Logistic/Support prospective.


  1. cool...(not about being sick but the whole experience)

  2. Glad you were feeling better and were able to finish with your team:) Looks like it was pretty nice out. Somehow I missed the first post, off to read it:)

  3. So glad you started to feel better on Day 2!