Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 1 - SGK

After months of planning and preperation Day 1 of the 3 day walk had arrived. We woke up early at some ungodly hour. Got dressed, loaded our luggage in the car and headed for the nearest Starbucks. See it was still dark out....told you we were up early.
Once we all had our coffee we were headed on our way to the starting line. My friend was already starting to feel sick, at the time we thought it was just nerves.  We arrived at the hotel we would be staying in and walked about half a mile to the opening ceramony area and then waited. Took some photos, chated and wondered when we were going to start.

The opening ceramony was nice but I was to excited to get started. I had to not look at other people crying to keep the tears away. Before long we were on our way.

Within the first two miles we quickly learned why everyone loves the San Diego 3-day walk. The support along the course is AMAZING. People outside offering coffee, stickers, suckers holding signs just cheering you on. The San Diego PD were awesome as well. I think I am going to have to do just one post on the course support as hands down the best support I have had at an event.

We cruised our way along the course and before the first big hill we had a Pit Stop and this is where my friend and I really started to not feel well.
We started up the hill. I told my team to just keep moving as I knew I would be slow an steady up the hill. Soon I was keeping up with my teammate who I flew down with, she said she really wasn't feeling well. Just after mile 6 she said she was going to be sick so we found a place for her to vomit. I thought I was going to be sick at this point with the queasiness all up in my throat. I figured it was just my gag reflex kicking in. After some water we continued on.
After a few pit stops and 6 more miles we reached our lunch destination on the beach. I went to get our lunches and my friend got sick again. We both laid down in the grass to relax. I actually felt 100% better if I was laying down. After about 20 minutes I got up and went to the medical tent to see if they had any anti nausea medicine. They said they didn't but wanted to check out my friend since she was vomiting. After about 30 minutes they said they were sending her back to the Hotel. I was feeling worse so I went along with her. My Aunt continued the 1st day on her own and powered through all of the miles like a Rockstar!
We arrived at our hotel, got checked and went up the room. We both crashed on the beds and after a little while decided to order some soup from room service. Once we ordered it we both feel asleep almost instantly.  We woke up an hour and half later to realize our room service never came. I called down and it turns out the forgot to write our room number down - they would bring it right up on the house.  We received our food and I was able to eat half a bowl of soup, part of an English muffin and drink some Sprite before falling back asleep.
My Aunt called when she finished to check in on us an get her stuff. She didn't want to sleep in our room with two sick people and ended up driving home each night.  We slept the rest of the night.
Day 2 tomorrow. I already feel like I am forgetting things, so I need to get out. 


  1. Oh no, what a rough start. I hate you guys got so sick.

  2. Oh man, that is terrible! Not a great way to start things out:( At least the hotel gave you the soup for free:)