Friday, November 23, 2012

Course Support

I planned to post a million pictures showing the course support, but blogger is just not being friendly. One thing this event had hands down is the best course support.

Within the first mile of our walk there were people along the way cheering us on. The would drive a few miles up the road to cheer us on more. There were old people sitting in there chairs to young kids wear t-shirts that say 'future' wife groper'. San Diego and the neighboring towns really knew how to support their walkers.

The event had over 400 crew members who volunteered or were part of the permanent crew. Sweeper vans were always near by if you were in distress. Everyone walking from veterans to rookies were kind and always willing to help out.

If I never walk this walk again, I want to make sure to try to return the favor and cheer on a walk next year. As for if we will be signing up next year, I am still on the fence. Both of my teammates are already recruiting members for a bigger team - so who knows what will happen.

Again, I cannot thank everyone who donated, texted me, sent blog messages, emails, twitter post enough. Thank you!

Now to figure out what to do next.


  1. Just read all your recap posts. Sorry you got sick, what a bummer after all that training you did for it, but glad you had a great last day. Loved all the cute outfits and the pink hair!

  2. I suppose its kind of like a withdrawal ....after so much time, focus and energy has been towards the walk and preparing for it once its over you need time to reflect and think NOW WHAT?

    I am sure you will think of something. ;-)

  3. Great job on your walk, and pulling through after being so sick! The pics were great, I especially loved seeing the views near Mission Bay, I ran there on my bday! It is so pretty there.

  4. ugh! sorry you were so sick...what a bummer! But you pushed through and that's something to be SO proud of! amazing woman, you are!!!