Monday, November 5, 2012

26 miles in 3 days

It wasn't 60 miles in 3 days but it was a start. I took to many days off last week after the Snohomish River Half.  Took a few to many reset days, which left me making up some miles Friday - Sunday.
Sunday I met with my local teammate for the 3-day walk with a goal to get in 15 miles. We met up at 10AM and started on our way. There is a new trail in the town I grew up in and it was beautiful and flat most of the way. 
The first half went well, we hit 7.5 miles and I talked my teammate into walking .5 more to make it 8 and turn around.  As we walked back we stopped a few more times to stretch and for the most part the aches and pains were minor. 

One thing I liked about this trail was there were two bathrooms along the way and several benches to stop and stretch. I didn't take enough pictures either as the trail was beautiful this time of year. The last part of our walk as a bit much as most of it was uphill back to our meeting spot. 5+ hours later we had completed 16 miles and my teammate realized that this 3 day walk was going to be tough. I think it might have helped me to talk her into staying in a hotel instead of tenting it.

The goal for this week is to get my walks in through out the week.

How was your weekend?


  1. From the pictures you took it looks very pretty! Wow 16 in one day yay!!!! Weekend was busy saturday working an auction. I have to get back on track this week with workouts since I am signing up for a race December 1.

  2. I love finding a new run trail!! Yeah for you!

  3. Just curious when is your Cancer walk? It must be coming up soon right?

  4. I didn't do anywhere near the miles you did over the weekend, but I was okay with that since I did a lot during the week. Great job with your milage!

  5. Glad you had someone to walk with you for your long walk!

  6. Nice job Jen! THAT is a LOT of mileage in 3 days.