Friday, October 26, 2012

Will You Run For a Cause?

A Fundraising Friday Guest Post for the one and only
Have you ever run a race to raise money for a cause dear to your heart? Is a worthy cause the one reason you would ever enter a race? I used to hate running, but after I had 2 kids and 35 extra pounds on my frame, running helped me get back where I needed to be, healthy and happy.
In 2003 my sister was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease, a cancer of the lymph nodes. With my new found love for running, I decided that running a marathon with Team in Training would be a great idea! What better reason to take on the “marathon” than supporting a cause near and dear to my heart?!
Of course, having the marathon be your very first race ever, is probably not the smartest thing to do, but it ended up being a great, albeit slow and painful, experience. I raised over $5000 for LLS and by the end of my training, my sister was cancer free and doing great! Along with being a race for a cause, it instilled a passion for racing, maybe not the marathon distance, but every distance in betweenJ
Since then, I have run, climbed, and walked many more events to raise money for LLS. In 2009 a good family friend, 12 year old Colton, was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia. After a bone marrow transplant, he relapsed a second time. A stem cell transplant was the next step. This October, he had relapsed for a third time. This time, instead of raising money for LLS, my goal is to raise money for his family to pay for the experimental, therefore expensive, treatment he has in store. His treatment includes 2 rounds of chemo-therapy and another bone marrow transplant.
In order to raise money, I am hosting a virtual race, the “Colton’s Army Virtual 5k”. Colton’s Army is a group of thousands of people who have been praying for a cure for Colton for 3 years. You can be a part of our army too by praying, tweeting and blogging about our hero. In order to gain an entry into the race, and be eligible for prizes, a donation of $10 must be made to Colton’s Army. With every additional $5 donation an extra entry will be given. Once you donate, you can gain extra entries by tweeting, blogging, and posting about it on facebook. The more people we reach, the more money we can raise to cure our hero, ColtonJ You can read more about the race and sign up by clicking the button below.
Please donate
Of course if you are unable to make a donation at this time, you are welcome to run the race, you just won’t be eligible for the prizes. All tweeting, blogging, facebooking, is much appreciatedJ
Thank you so much, Jennifer, for allowing me to write this post! And thank you everyone for your supportJ I hope you all can come on over and support this wonderful cause.
Have a great day and happy running!

- Rachelle

I know everyone out there is asking for donations these days, myself included but please dconsider make a donation to Colton's Army and spreading the word.  I know I made my donation last night.

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