Thursday, October 4, 2012

Two Things Thursday

Countdown: 7 Weeks -  I received my email this week and started plan and then things started falling apart.  I have been so busy with work that I am getting behind, something that I can;t let happen or else I will be walking 4 days in a row which will be less then ideal. Hopefully I can get back on track. I hate when I don't get my work outs in, I feel like everything else falls apart around it.

The posted the photos from the 5K already. In one I look pissed and the other I look happy. Either way I rocked my Sparkle Skirt. I know I have told you all how much I love them.

Overall it was good event and I don't remember being pissed at all!
Some weeks sticking to the plan is near impossible. How do you keep yourself on track.


  1. I struggle staying on track myself, but "luckily" I have a bit of OCD so it helps me a bit because once the plan is in writing I don't want to deviate from it.

    I LOVE your skirt, I may have to order another peacock in a different color. I love my purple one but I am all about variety. Though, there are some others that I am dying to get too! Leah is killing me with all the new skirts!

  2. I hate when my plans fall apart and work gets hectic and I feel out of control. That is my week this week its been almost a week since my last workout and its really affecting my mood and attitude.
    I hope you get your plans back together and don't have to walk 4 days in a row.

    Love your skirt I ordered a pink sparkle skirt Monday to wear in my half later this month.

  3. You don't really looked pissed, it looks like you were squinting to me...both are good pic's of you. Great job girl. The skirt is AWESOME.

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  4. heeheehee sometimes that camera lens just gets the shot so wrong :-)
    Hope you manage to ge ton track soon.