Thursday, October 25, 2012


1. I signed up for the Snohomish River Run to do it as a training walk/run for the 3 day walk and to join Julie. I started freaking out tonight because there last shuttle bus back to your car leaves 3 hours and 30 minutes after the race starts. I am not a fast person, I have not been running more then a 5K here and there - but I have been walking and walking and walking. I know I will have no problem finishing. I even want to finishe under 3:30 closer to 3:00 - but having the time cut off looming has me worried.

2. I thought I was getting a good deal on Amazon the other day when I ordered some Zensah calf sleeves. The only problem was when I opened the package yesterday there was only one sleeve. No wonder I thought it was such a good deal.

3. Had my first parent/teacher conference for my kindergartner last night......I feel so grown up now.


  1. By your 2nd p/t conference you will be so over it...hahaha!!

  2. #2--- Hahahaha! I can not believe they sell one calf sleeve. I'm so sorry.

  3. You will make it back no problem:) Weird that that's the last shuttle.

    1. we are trying to get a parking pass and I see they just added a shuttle after noon which is good. Clearly I wasn't the only one who complained. :)

  4. hahaha I almost fell for that great deal too, but then I saw it was only 1 sleeve and not 1 pair.

    isn't it funny having a kindergartner? I feel so old to have a kid in school and next year it will be two kids in school!