Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Dash 5K

I woke up Sunday morning and wanted to crawl back in bed. I got up and looked outside and realized it wasn't raining. That might have been a deal breaker. I got back in bed and within 5 minutes I hear my little one saying 'Good Morning' from her room. She came in and gave me a hug and within minutes was dressed in her costume and ready to go.

We headed to GreenLake to participate in the kids Dash and the 5K. When we first arrived at GreenLake we parked on the wrong side of the Lake, so back to the car we went and drove to where the race was actually starting.

Evie picked out my costume and hers! 

The had the kids run first, they actually had to break it up into 3 races because there were over 200 kids registered.  I started with Evie on her 400M, but honestly I couldn't keep up with her. This kid was in a full out sprint! I told her to run and sprinted to the finish line to meet her!
After the kids races were finished the 5K started.  I let Alli lead the pace, my quads were burning so I was in no rush. She was dealing with shin splints but wanted to push it hard to the end. After her first walk break I continued on at a fast walk while she ran/walked. I was able to keep up with her and also push her during her walking periods. As we rounded to the finish Evie and Sean were waiting and Evie ran to run me to the finish line.
This was a great Event and benefits the Woodland Park Zoo. One of the perks of the race is all participants were given one free Zoo pass that is good for 6 months.  Evie begged to go to the zoo, but my legs couldn't handle a day at the zoo.
Sunday evening I decided to head to Hot Yoga, it felt wonderful. Sixty-five minutes of Hatha Yoga feels better then I expected on my legs that had 18+  miles on them between Saturday and Sunday.
Did you or are you participating in a Halloween Event?


  1. nice work getting your second race in! Sounds like a great event:)

  2. way cute...both of you!

  3. Nice double weekend! Way to go. That weather does not look like fun. Evie is adorable.

  4. Love that Evie is taking up the racing as well - you two look so cute running to the Finish Line together!!
    No Halloween plans for me - home alone with the puppies & the handful of Trick or Treaters probably...Although I am bringing in Halloween cupcakes to work tomorrow... Alicia ;)

  5. oh my gosh I love this. I don't have kids, but I have this idea in my head that if I did they would totally run with me :)

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  7. I love that last photo of you guys heading to the finish line. That's so sweet! She did a great job picking out both of your costumes.