Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's a baby giraffe

 Were you one of the millions who watched the birth live last night. I was I found about EarthCam and the Greenville Zoo pregnant giraffe around lunch time yesterday. I watched it all day and when I got home from work. While the rest of the world was watching the debates, I was waiting for the mom to give birth. Ok I may have debated a little on Facebook for fun.  Around 8PM I decided I was going to change and get ready to walk. As I was putting my shoes on a picked up my phone and friend tagged me in a photo that the momma giraffe was finally giving birth.

I ended up not making it downstairs but with some prompting from some Facebook I made my own workout up while my face was glued to the computer.  Lunges, sqauts now on to push ups, planks and then mountain climbers, fake jump rope and repeat. I then found a 15lb dumbbell weight upstairs and did some arm work and added in some crunches.  Not the workout I had planned, but come could you leave this little guy/girl.

I spent the rest of the evening speaking for the giraffe. Constant commentary on what the little nugget  was thinking as he was trying to stand up. It went something like this "ahh mom stop licking me", "ahh I am falling over", "help up here momma". Finally he made it up on all fours and started walking. Seriously one of the cutest I have seen in a while.

Did you watch it last night?