Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Issaquah 5K

As part of my 11 miles for Sunday I participated in the Issaquah Run 5K/10K. This was my 5th year participating in this event. No PRs this race just a good time with some fun ladies.

 I meet Julie and her daughter Alli at the starting line, my legs were a bit tired and cold. It was cooler out then I expected, but I knew once we got moving I would be fin.

Not sure what I was doing with my arm, but I need to hang this up as a reminder that I need to start working out my arms more. Seriously that looks terrible. The race started on time and Alli had a goal, we had a plan and started on our way. About a mile in she wasn't feeling well so we decided to just take it easy and walk fast the rest of the way. I am not sure of our final time, but it was slower then we anticipated. It was a nice day for a walk and even if we didn't hit Alli's goal this race it was good time.

Julie and Alli had to split after the race and I waited for my husband and daughter to show up for the kids race.  Evie was excited to run her first race since her broken arm and my promised to be careful. Sean ran with her and she sprinted the entire 1K and did awesome.

Here pre race photo. She wanted her number on her back.
Post race with her dog tag medal and enjoying a yogurt.
Do you do a race every year?
This race and the Seattle St. Paddy's Dash are two of my favorite races.


  1. As a family we have done a 5K in my hometown the past two years...we really enjoy it.

    I have also "made them" (yes its true) as part of MY Mother's Day request run an unofficial 5K with me for the past three years..They only whine a little bit knowing it won't do them any good b/c it's Mother's Day after all and I get to call the shots! ha!

    This Thanksgiving we are signed up to run the 5K Turkey Trot downtown Mpls. (usually we go home so we aren't here to participate) but with the new puppy we are staying home this year. No complaints from the team yet when I told them I signed them up...we will see what happens the morning of.

  2. Evie looks precious in her race outfit! Glad you were able to do one of your favorite races of the year.