Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cupcake Classic 2.0

I hate running in the rain, unless it is race day. I know I live in the wrong state but I don't like being wet. With that said I have ran more races in the rain then not - so I clearly don't hate it that much.  We have had an AMAZING fall so far - yet the one weekend I planned to participate in the Cupcake Classic the forecast called for 100% rain.

I had originally planned to Sparkle my way through the Cupcake Classic, but as I drove to the high school we were meeting at I decided to skip the Team-Sparkle Skirt and add my raincoat instead.  This was a good choice. I also left my phone and iPod in the car as I just didn't want to risk it.

Since I am supposed to be walking, I decided to run with Julie's daughter Alli. Her goal was to run the straight aways, and walk the curves. I brought my Garmin so we wouldn't have to count laps. We started on our way.  It rained, rained some more oh and rained some more. I don't think it stopped raining the entire time.

After we completed the 5K, we continued walking around the track while Julie's kiddos participated in a Lacross clinic. After 4.5 miles we called it! We were starting to get cold and I think we all were ready for a cupcake.  Julie brought me two cupcakes, one for me and one to take home to my kiddo......

....shhh don't tell anyone but they both didn't make it home!
After I got home instead of heading right to the shower, I hopped on the treadmill to finish out my last 1.5 miles to reach my goal of 6 miles for the day.  I mean I had an extra cupcake to work off anyways.  
A big thank you to Jess @ runwithjess.comfor hosting the Cupcake Classic - it is one virtual race that I look forward to.
Did you or are you participating in the Cupcake Classic?


  1. No cupcake classic here but I think your shirt is great!

    However, I did eat about 8 cookies yesterday so I have a run scheduled to work that off today. ;-)

  2. You earned those cupcakes!

  3. Bahaha, those cupcakes wouldn't have made it home with me, either! Thanks for coming out and playing in the rain with us, you are awesome!

  4. Nice job! I don't know if I would have braved the rain:) Cupcakes look so good!

  5. I'm totally in love with your shirt. Good job on the 5k and finishing your walk! I was glad my race was on Saturday and not Sunday.....

  6. What a cool and yummy race! Guess what? You have been nominated for the Liebster blog Award by me...come on over to find out what to do next! Blessings girl!

  7. Yes -- LOVE the shirt!! What a fun race idea!! I would TOTALLY run for cupcakes lol!