Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A treat for my feet

On question I get the most when I tell someone I am training for the 3-day walk is how are me feet holding up?  Most runners have dealt with some sort of foot/toe issue and will probably tell you about one of more black toenails. To keep my feet from wanting to be cut off and to also be able to walk long back to back walks I have been taking a little extra care with my feet.

Here are my steps to have blister free walks/runs and pampering my feet to allow me to keep moving.

Step 1
Invest in some sort of glide for your toes. Whether it be baby powder or body glide - make sure your feet are covered in it before you head out. Shorter walks, baby powder works great for me. For longer walks I need to use something like 2Tom Blister Shield.  There are many products out there by this is by far my favorite, as it is easy to apply and doesn't leave my hands all greasy.

Step 2
Good socks are a must! Right now I rotate between Zenash Compression and Injini socks. I have less issues when I wear the Injini socks, but I love the compression. I think I need to get some sleeves.

Step 3Post walk eat and then take a shower. In the shower or bath take the time to baby your feet. I have found a new product that I love. It is called the Rubby Scrubby by Perfectly Posh.  Rubby Scrubby is a sparkling pink peppermint exfoliator in a mild shea butter soap base. I take it into the shower or bath, and rub over tired heels and toes and everything in between to reveal softer skin all over.  It is a lifesaver.

Step 4
Lotion up those tootsies and slip into some soft socks. I also usually put on my Tommie Copper Compression Ankle Sleeves and sometimes a clean pair of compression socks.

I will admit I think I have at least one black toenail, but that is easily covered by polish.

These are some of my favorite products to treat my feet. I will add that all products were purchased by me and my opinions are my own. 

What are some of your favorite products to keep your feet happy?


  1. feet and legs have to have my ProCompression socks or sleeves them!