Monday, October 8, 2012

4 days 33 miles

I got behind in my mileage last week because of work. It isn't often that work keeps me late, but last week I was in early and home late. It made workouts difficult. I made up some of it over the past 4 days though and I am thankful that Monday is a rest day on my schedule. Total planned mileage for last week was 41 - I was able to complete 33 miles over 4 days. I am not going to worry about making up the lost 8 miles, but since it was a sponsored week - I will make a donation of $8 a dollar for each mile I lost to my walk.

Thursday was my first work out of the week. I got home late, but early enough to get on the treadmill by 8PM. I completed 5.25 miles that night.

Friday my work schedule finally returned to normal and I was glad that I could get home while it was still light out and spend time with my family. Then I got a crazy idea. I was scheduled to walk 17 miles on Saturday, but we had a Parade to attend at 10AM. There was no way I was going to get my walk in then get to the Parade in time. I decided to get on the treadmill that night and get it in on Friday. You read that right I completed 17 miles on the treadmill on Friday night.
 Right as I was starting at 7:45PM still thinking this was a good idea.
 Watching Netflix, reading twitter and taking photos with my phone to keep myself entertained. I watched all by 30 minutes of the first Season of Scandal on Netflix. Let's just say 17 miles on the treadmill needs lots of entertainment options.
About mile 10, I took a quick potty break, refilled my water bottle and made a half peanut butter and honey sandwich. I didn't want to use any of my normal fuel methods as they all have caffinee in them. Last thing I wanted was to be all jacked up at midnight when I was done.  My treadmill resets at 99:59, so I tried to stop right before the treadmill reset. Not going to lie, this ment running a few times to make my mileage stop at a point that was easy to add up.  This was the end results:

Afterwards I headed into the house ate a PB Twix bar and called it a night at 1AM. I was woken on Saturday by my daughter at 8AM who was ready to head to the Parade. I laid in bed and used the stick roller to roll out my legs before even attempting to get out of bed.

We attended our local Salmon Day's Parade and Street Fair where I proceeded to walk about 6miles at medium pace. I can estimate the distance as the Street Fair is on part of a normal route that I run. We walked to the fair instead of taking the shuttle and afterwards when the family was tierd they opted for the shuttle and I walked home.

Sunday I didn't to work out and did many other things like shopping for new furniture, grocery shopping and baking before getting on the treadmill. I walked 5 miles on Sunday night, 5 long and slow miles. My body was done. I was going to try to go longer as my scheduled called for 13 on Sunday. I just couldn't force myself to go any longer.  I think had I planned better and got the walk in earlier things would have been easier.

As I said earlier in this post Monday is rest day. A day that I am thankful for. I am offically 6 weeks out from the walk and I am loving this week. It is an easier week with my highest mileage being 10 miles. Seems like a cake walk now.

How was your weekend?


  1. You are amazing, I don't think I could be on a treadmill for almost 5 hours! Way to go!

    I ran my long run Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend recovering! bah!

  2. OMWord! Some one would have to pay me to do 17 miles until 1AM on a Friday night (or any night) about being determined!

  3. I cannot run/walk on a treadmill...wish I could but I get SO bored! Hats off to ya for that mileage and the Twix bar...that always makes us feel our best, right :)

  4. You are so dedicated to this - I am always incredibly impressed! So much walking, walking, walking!! I keep meaning to ask - how has it affected your body? You must be seeing a lot of changes, this is so much working out!!

  5. You are right, that would be a lot of entertainment options walking for that long on the treadmill. Way to tough it out and get the miles in!