Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weather Wednesday

Mother Nature welcomed us into fall with a little rain
in the morning and then sunshine in the afternoon for the first day of Fall Saturday.
 If the rest of Fall looks like this I will be one happy camper.
Do you like Fall? I usually don't like fall weather.
What is your favorite season?  Summer is my favorite season


  1. I like fall although we don't get a huge dose of it here in Florida but it is nice to lower the humidity a bit and have a breeze sometimes.

    My favorite season is spring! I love the fresh newness of everything!

  2. 4 days into Fall and already I miss summer. I love having the windows open!

  3. I love fall fashion, but not the impending cold. Summer is favorite season hand down:)

  4. Fall is my favorite season and summer is my least favorite...too hot for this pale girl!

  5. I love fall and the changing leaves!