Thursday, September 13, 2012

TripleT - 3 Day Walk Addition

My brain is on full 3-day walk planning. I am 10 weeks out  and my checklist is out of control, it might help if I actually write it down. The 3 big things on my list this week are:

1. What to wear? Its San Diego in November - the weather could be warm or cool- yea that is helpful. I guess the best I have is it will be warmer then Washington, right. My plan so far is this:

Pink Top - maybe?
Pink Compression
This skirt
Black or Turquoise compression
Black Top
Not sure yet
I am thinking either just wearing my hot Pink Team Sparkle skirt over Capri's but I don't think I will want to do that after two days of wearing skirts.  I just don't know which skirt to pick next. If you could pick any skirt from what would you pick?
2. In all my craziness that I call life this week I forgot to  post my training schedule this week. I actually did 5 miles on Tuesday as I was watching Netflix and wanted to finish my show. Wednesday I did a Spin workout followed by arm work. Saturday is my first LONG walk in a while - 12 miles! I am not looking forward to how long this will take me.   I am sure I will have plenty to blog about on Monday.  If anyone local wants to go for a walk with me let me know.  You don't have to do the whole distance just keep me company for a few miles. Warning I am thinking about starting out early tough.

3. My final fundraiser is closing on Saturday. If you are interested in purchasing a product from Perfectly Posh - visit MY PARTY. As with all of my past fundraisers, I will be giving away my host credit if we can make it a $500 party. If we reach the $500 goal the host credit will be worth $180 worth of merchandise from Perfectly Posh. I hate to part with it but it is my thank you to those who have helped my team fund raise. All you have to do to be entered for the host credit is make a purchase of any amount. Please share this party link with  anyone you think would be interested. The party closes on 9/15.
Do you have a favorite top you like to work out in? Share links as I am on a mission to find tops? Also, If you could pick any skirt from what would you pick?

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