Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Little pink lunchbox

I try to pack my lunch, if I don't I wind up in the cafe at my work which isn't bad. I usually get a sandwich, but they make these awesome BBQ potato chips that are free with your sandwich, and that is bad.

Monday night I packed my lunch and didn't think anything of it when I used my daughters lunch box. When I took my lunch out of the fridge at work on Tuesday I laughed out loud. The lunch box screamed super professional.

Not the best option, but I actually really like this lunch box because it holds everything I needed for lunch. My lunch and afternoon snacks were pretty bland today, but it got the job done. Chicken wrapped in a tortilla, carrots, fiber one brownie and a Greek Yogurt.

As I was typing up this post, my husband asked me if I had watched the Gangnam Style Video. I had not idea what he was talking about. He proceed to have me watch a Parody of the video, which was done as part of someones wedding video or something along those lines. And since there are already a million parodies on Youtube, I am going to assume I am the only one who has not watched this. For your viewing pleasure -

If you pack your lunch for work - what do you take it in?
Have you danced Gangnam style?


  1. I am lucky and get to eat at home every day....I actually like it that way! ;-)

    Yes, cute box....

  2. Wow, what would I do without you to teach me about pop culture?!? I had no idea.... :)

    I pack my lunch, just not in a great pink lunchbox. If not, the possibilities for eating unhealthy are endless......

  3. Had no clue about Gangnam style video!, lol