Monday, September 10, 2012

Go Posh Yourself

I am pretty sure I said I was done fundraising for my 3-day walk, and well I am done for me. But my teammates still need help. When I was thinking up a name for my Party I thought of the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, and Frosting yourself in Diamonds.  Thus the reason I named it 'Go Posh Yourself'

For one week only, I am hosting a fundraiser for Perfectly Posh products. This is a newer product that I am actually really excited to try.  Perfectly Posh offers exceptional spa quality products that provide pampering for the entire family.

From luxurious shea and cocoa butters, to indulgent and nourishing oils, vitamins, and more - you can be sure that our products are the highest-quality formulations you can find. Find peace of mind knowing:

They are  paraben-free and paraffin-free
Tree of sulfates including SLS
No gluten, lanolin, or soy ingredients
Use the highest-quality essential oils and fine phthalate-free fragrances
Very natural and consequently gentle: read our labels, please!
Use natural enzymes and gently moisturizing vitamin E to preserve the life and look of our fun pampering products

Teens and men are loving the gender bender! Clears them up in just a matter of days! It's helping everyone to have smoother more supple skin! Our bath bombs are decadent. You only need to use a small portion of it to have a pure pampering bath experience. Love Lush? You will be excited to know we offer similar products that are cleaner and better for your body.

My hostess is donating a portion of her sales to my fundraising efforts! Which is beyond awesome!

The party is open until September 15th and purchase can be made online easily. Visit my party page - Jennifer's 3-Day Walk Fundraiser.

An all important question about my walk do we camp? Or do we shuttle to a hotel at night? I want to camp for the experience. But honestly I hate camping, I hate waking up cold and I don't want to wait in a line for showers. A nice hot shower, a comfy bed and maybe even a hot tub at a hotel sounds wonderful to me. What's your take? Would you camp or hotel it?

Remember my 'Go Posh Yourself' Party is only open until the 15th! Get your order in soon! By 5 items get the 6th on free. Something to keep in mind if you can't decide.


  1. I have heard that camping the first time is the way to go, just for the experience. But, after the first year, many people either sleep at home (if they are close enough), or go to a hotel. I am not a fan of camping either.

    1. I know it is about the experince - but man a warm bed and hot shower sould AMAZING to me right now.