Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Did you catch the lie

Last week I posted two truths and a lie. I had a great time reading the ones posted and making guess. I am terrible at spotting a lie.

My two truths and a lie were:

- For my bachlorette party we all dressed up in thrift store wedding dresses and went clubbing in Seattle. Truth - it was back in 2004 before the land of everyone having a digital camera so I have no photos to share. But mine was a lacy beauty that looked like a dress an 80 year old would wear if she was getting remarried.
- I am an only child - Lie - I have 2 step siblings, and 1 brother. I grew up the youngest and often felt like an only child since my closest sibling is 5 years older then me.
- I was interviewed by the BBC for a TV show for being on an experimental drug after surviving a car accident Truth - This happened back in 1997, they were doing some show on surviving terrible accidents. I never saw it but  I had a few people ask me about it after it aired.

This week starts week 8 of my training for the 3 day walk. I am half way through the training. 8 weeks until I am actually walking the course with other people. Here is what the plan calls for.

Before this past weekend, I didn't understand why they had Monday as a rest day. I now understand my body hated me yesterday. I was sore all day and hated have to move anywhere. I hope this weekends walks go better.  I am on track to have the highest mileage month ever walking or running.  I am at 87 miles for the month and have another 35 miles planned before the end of the month. For the longest time I tried to break 100 miles in a month walk/running, if it takes me just walking to do it then so be it. I will admit these doubles are getting tougher, I can't wait for my body to adjust to them.

Do you have a high mileage month that you are proud of? Do you set goals each month or just play it by ear?


  1. Good job on your training. You are doing great, I imagine the back to back walks are hard. I will be testing this out next year when I train for the Goofy challenge! (ACK - what have I gotten myself into?)

    I finally made the donation for your 41 mile week, sorry it took me a little while. You are doing great with your fundraising!

    I haven't hit any super huge milestones with my running, I have a high weekly mileage of just under 27 right now, I think when I hit 30 and 40 those will be big, and like you.. the 100 miles in a month!

    1. THANK YOU!!! I have thought about the Goofy, maybe one day. :)