Monday, September 3, 2012

August Update

August was a slow month for me fitness wise and my body can feel it. I didn't set goals for August and it shows. I was unmotivated most of the month. I had one  Impromptu 5K and then spent 2 nights at the hospital with my kiddo.

Running goals for the year are being morphed into walking goals for the year. At the beginning of the year I didn't know I would be signing up for the 3-day walk. I feel like I am doing well on my goals. I should reach all of them except the PR in 10K or the Half distance. The rest of 2012 is dedicated to training for the 3-day walk, so no PR in my future.

 2012 Goals
  • Run 4 Half Marathons - 5 down - Race Recap's  - DONE!
  • Try a new distance - SGK 3-Day walk in November 2012 - Planned
  • Run 12 Races Total - 10 down - 2 to go - Race Recap's  - So close
  • Year of the PR - work on PRing in 5K, 10K and Half - PR - 5K, St. Patricks Day Dash PR - Good enough
  • Run more miles then 2011 (in June switched to to walking to train for 3-day walk)
    • 2011 Miles(505.29)/2012 Miles (493.5 run/walk) - So close!
      • January - 10 | 40
      • February- 56 | 65
      • March - 61 | 61.5
      • April - 72- | 76
      • May - 34 | 65
      • June - 16 | 69
      • July - 31 | 63
      • August - 42 | 54
We are already two days into September and I have walked 11.75 miles and spoiler alert my total mileage is 505.25 for the year, which means I will be able to smash my 2011 total. Besides that I don't have that many goals set for this month but to get back on track. I have lost my workout structure and that makes me feel a little bit lost. I have the Seattle Iron Girl next weekend that I am going to do as part a longer training plan.

How did August treat you?


  1. Wonderful!!

    So can't complain about my crazy june/july due to my hip injury b/c .....I focused on my eating during that time more than my exercising...and ya know what???? I lost 8 pounds!! Yep! Beyond thrilled.....

    When August hit I starting exercising ..slowly...and lost another I can say as of TODAY that "last 10" I have been wanting to disappear for years now is finally gone! I am focusing on weight training for awhile now...trying to tone the flab and strengthen muscles around my hip, knees, and back before running any thing major again.

    So far your goals and accomplishments and impressive...busy, busy, busy!

  2. What is it with August? Why do the wheels come off during that stupid month? I feel ya.

  3. August was fun and even though I was still running, it felt totally meh to me. Lost the old mojo and working hard to get it back!

  4. I think September is going to be a great month for you. August was pretty good for me but the entire summer has a whole was pretty dismal as far as mileage goes.