Thursday, August 30, 2012

What I learned on Monday

Been MIA for a few days - I haven't got a workout in since....Sunday, I think. Whatever DM says. On to what I learned on Monday. 
  • Even the slowest fall from a 18 inch bike to the ground can cause damage
  • Just because there are no scratches or road rash doesn't mean there isn't an injury
  • Going to Urgent Care on a at 8PM on Monday night, means a long wait
  • You feel like a complete failure as a parent when you learn they have broken a bone on your watch
  • Being transferred to another hospital does not mean you will not have to wait in the lobby
  • Being told your child has broken her elbow and needs surgery to set it makes you feel even worse
  • Being admitted to the hospital at 2AM sucks
  • Having your 5 year old tell you that 'the air tastes funny' will make you laugh at 2AM
  • Morphine makes your child say funny things
  • Being woken up at 4AM by an angry mother on the other side of the curtain is no fun
  • Being moved to  private room because of said angry mother is awesome
  • Being on the 'add on' list for surgery sucks
  • With holding food from your child because you are on the 'add on' list for surgery sucks even more when you hit the 24 hour mark (reached 26 hours before surgery and ended up being 34 hours without food, just an IV)
  • Kissing your child bye before the wheel them into surgery sucks
  • Getting paged 30 minutes later is awesome
  • Seeing the x-ray of your child's new hardware sad with  side of cool (not they are only temporary)
  • Sleeping a second night in the hospital - lame
  • Getting to go home before noon on Wednesday - awesome
  • Giving your child with a cast a bath - sucky
  • Having her spirts high after she is clean and finally relaxing at home - priceless



  1. Oh my goodness. So sorry:( I hope she feels better:) Broken bones happen even when the best moms are watching. Accidents happen.

  2. Bummer! Sorry to hear! Hope her arm heals fast!

  3. wow...quite an emotional ride you have been on....tired? Relax!

  4. oh no, Jennifer! I'm so sorry for you & your little gal. I hope she heals quickly & without much more pain. :(

  5. Awww what an awful thing to happen! Hopefully she will be on the mend quickly and you can get back to some normalcy!

  6. I dont see how kids do broken bones. I'm an adult and could semi-handle the pain. Hope she heals quickly!

  7. Oh my goodness, that sounds awful! I hope she is doing much better now. Wishing her a speedy recovery!