Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weather Wednesday

This was last Thursday - at 5:35PM - it was 101 at my house.

This is the forecast for this week! Nothing like a 30 degree mood swing by Mother Nature.
Got to love Washington, I love it, I love it - I really do. If I just keep telling myself that maybe one day I will learn to appreciate the weather....maybe.


  1. Hey Saturday you get "clearing" instead of "showers"....I think I would need lots of vitamins and drugs to get me through the showers that often.

    (Glad you love it though ;-)

  2. I really need to move to a sunnier climate someday. I am so flippin' HAPPY when it's sunny outside! I love it here, though, too. Will probably never move, sigh.

  3. can I come visit and workout with you in those temps...we've had not so humid weather this week, so can't complain but mid 90's temps around here-I'm over it!!!