Monday, August 27, 2012

Things I learned over the weekend

Let's do this list style:
  • Walking from your office to your husbands office - while carry your laptop bag, my result in a chaffed part on your back.
  • Said, chaffed area will look normal but will hurt to touch like a sun burn.
  • Eating Sushi for dinner, may result in two piece of birthday cake later.
  • Having a root beer taste test can be cheesy and fun all at the same time
a few of the varieties we tasted
  • Planning on walking 8 miles Saturday morning, doesn't always work when celebrating a birthday Friday night
  • Planning on walking 8 miles after a day of boating, doesn't always work if you lay down on your bed at 6:30PM after taking a shower
  • My favorite breakfast place for Sunday morning brunch has been found out
  • Guess I should stop checking in when we go there
  • My favorite breakfast place changed there chorizo scramble, it is no longer my favorite item there, but still my favorite breakfast place
  • Planning on walking 6 miles after a 3-day walk clinic can happen. Especially if you get 1 mile in before hand
  • Catching up on your Big Brother (2 episodes behind) can happen thanks to a DVR
  • Blogging for Monday, doesn't happen if you are catching up on Big Brother Sunday night
  • Eating a white bread Peanut Butter Sandwich for lunch is what happens when you don't grocery shop all weekend
How was your weekend? Learn anything new?

My workout plan for this week looks something like this......well, this is the baseline. Hopefully I can add some workouts to it.

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  1. Wow, you learned a lot over the weekend:) Sounds like you had lots of fun!