Monday, August 13, 2012

The Plan

Every week I recieve an email for the 3-day walk. This was Coutdown: Week 14 and looked like this:

That seems managable, I will work in some ChaLean Extreme DVDs and Spin on cross training days. My body seems to be handling the back to back walks. I enjoyed taking them outside this weekend even if it was warm.  Since I am talking about the 3-day walk I want to give one last plug for my fundraiser which close on August 14th. If you are interested in purchasing an item please visit my Thirthy One Bag Fundraising Page.  25% of the proceeds are being donated by the consultant. This is her entire commission. Every little bit helps.

In other news, I am already looking how to pack for 3 days of walk, 3 days of recover and sleeping in a tent. I think I am going to search some of you Ragner runners sites for ideas. Making sure I have all the essential recovery needs is my main concern. I have a feeling compression is going to be my friend.

If you have done a relay or a multi-day run/event share your packing tips. One item you couldn't live without and one item you packed and didn't need.


  1. I've never done anything like this so I don't know what to tell you to pack but if it were me I'd pack plenty of extra socks and my mom would say to be sure you take wipes!

    1. They have clinics to help with this info - I just need to get my butt to one and find out. :)

  2. I have not done a relay before but I am getting ready to pack for one! I bought baby wipes and sunscreen. Planning to bring extra socks and changes of clothes.

  3. I have no advice for you since I've never done a relay or multi day event, but try to take it a moment at a time and enjoy the experience! Blessings!