Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kelp Noodles, say what?

A friend told me about Kelp Noodles months ago. I finally tried them over the 4th of July and thought they were tasty. The noodles took on the flavors of the sauce you cook them in.

I ordered them off Amazon last week and they arrived on Monday. I was really excited to try them but didn't get a chance until Wednesday night. I had on the menu Stir Fry, I would normally skip the rice and avoid the carbs. Of course I as I type this I am munching on Ritzs, oh well.

I cooked my veggies, created the sauce I wanted and a few minutes before the meat was ready I tossed in the noodles. In full disclosure I cooked the beef in a separate pan, as I knew my family wouldn't want to pick around the noodles. They are not very adventures at trying new foods.

One Package of Kelp Noodles
The package has 3 servings
Calories per serving 6 
You read that right - the entire bag has 18 calories

Pardon my awesome foodie photography, awesome camera phone skills.
These noodles are easy peasy to use:
Open Package
Add to whatever you are making

I didn't measure a serving, but about 1/4 with some beef on top

 The leftovers! I have at least 2 big servings left, possible even 3.

Since I try to eat low carb most of the time, I am beyond excited to try these noodles with different sauces. It gives you the noodle feel without the carb bloat. At first they are a bit crunch or more like an aldente pasta.  I would highly recommend these to someone who wants a noodle, but not the carbs.

In other important news I have worked out the past two days in a row, trying to get over my slacker ways of last week. Today is usually the day I want to through in the towel, I am going to get my miles in and get back in my grove.

Have you tried Kelp Noodles? Any suggestions for unconventional noodle replacements?

Note - if you buy from amazon they come in bluk. You get 6 packs in one order.


  1. No, haven't tried and they kind of look like worms so I don't know if I could...ha!

  2. I love kelp noodles! I usually use them the same way, to bulk up a stir fry with a bunch of veggies. My other favorite low cal/card noodle is shirataki.