Friday, August 24, 2012

About time Friday showed up

I don't know why I don't make Thursday a rest day. I really hate working out on Thursday, but I knew I had to get it in last night.  This week I have hit every one of my workouts and that is something to be proud of. Yesterday, I decided to walk the distance from my office to my husbands office since we usually carpool. It was 1.5 miles and took me 30 minutes because of the stoplights. The walk itself was not terrible. But my shoe choice caused me to get two blisters. My slip on Pumas, while cute are not meant for distance walking.  Last night I got my 5 mile walk in on the treadmill and dreaded ever minute of it. I just hate working out on Thursdays. One of these days I will rework my schedule.  My back to back walks this weekend are 8 and  6 milers - I just hope the weather behaves so I can do them outside.

Today is my husbands birthday! Happy 35th Birthday,Sean! I had to go into work, so I got up early and tried to be quiet so the little one didn't wake up. I think she is more excited about his birthday then he is. I was in the shower, when in walks my 5 year old saying she wants to shower also. Alright, so much for a quiet shower alone. We get out, get dressed and she runs into our bedroom, mind you it is just 6:30AM to wake up my husband. She wants him to open her card she made him and present before he even gets out of bed. When I dropped her off at school today - she was already telling everyone its her Daddy's birthday.

Hope you have a great weekend. Good Luck to all the Hood to Coast runners!


  1. Way to get in all your workouts this week! Nice job! Have a great weekend and I hope your next shower is more relaxing:)

  2. OH the joy ....can't even get a little peace and quiet in the shower...ha!

    Have a great day with the birthday boy!

  3. Love the excitement kids have at birthdays - even when they are not their own!

    HTC was awesome. Crazy & nuts & totally awesome! :-)

  4. Hope your husband had a great birthday! Sorry about the blisters :(