Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday already?

Ummm, where did Monday go? I started a part time job last week to help get us over the hump of unemployment. I then was offered a full time job and well life got a little crazy. Good news is I am now gainfully employed or will be. What makes this crazy, well since the beginning of July or the start of my unemployment I have been wearing primarily running capris, yoga leggings or loose fitting clothing. This morning I tried to put on a pair of jeans and what appeared was not pretty. Can we say muffin tops? Yes, multiple muffin tops - so so sad. Note to self do not wear only leggings for almost month. This has renewed my weight loss efforts  - operation make muffin tops disappear is in full effect this morning.

Besides that not much happened or was exciting over the weekend. Saturday we spent some time with the family as they hosted a Garage Sale. Which meant telling my daughter, a million and one times that we could not buy something. To turn around and have a family member tell her, for her the price was FREE. Thankfully, we were able to forget some stuff when we left, but we still came home with a bunch of jewelry which she loves to play with.  To my own surprise I got my workout in on Saturday night 4.25 miles on the treadmill, the first of many back to back walks to come.

Sunday we relaxed and then took our boat out for a while. Sean recently acquired a wake surf board and he wanted to try it out. Wake Surfing is rather interesting you start off holding the rope and then when you are comfortable, let go of the rope and surf the wake. Here is a photo - note this is not my husband or our boat.

Since the weather was pretty crappy, we didn't stay out long. Which was good as it allowed me to get part two of my back to back walk in. This time the walk was 6 miles, I did run a few laps, as I just felt like I it. I kept my pace slow when running though. Preparing for the 3 day walk is going to be interesting since walking is different on your body then running.

Monday I pulled something in my back or maybe shoulder area. I went to the chiropractor for some relief by Monday evening it was still hurting. I ended up turning Monday into a rest day. The rest of my week should look like this:

Tuesday - 3 miles & ChaLean DVD
Wednesday - Spin & ChaLean DVD
Thursday - 5 miles
Friday - Spin & ChaLean DVD
Saturday - 4 miles
Sunday - 4 miles

Providing my back/shoulder area cooperates I can get back into training this week. 

How did your weekend treat you?


  1. Congrats!! Very, very happy for you.

    Hey - I just started seeing a massage therapist in Bellevue who is working MAGIC on my shoulder. It's deep tissue, it is not "fun" massage. But dang, she is a miracle worker. Amazing pain relief. Happy to pass on her number, or there are several people in that clinic (it's sports massage).

  2. Weekend was pretty good. Ready for the weather to get better for sure:) Sorry about the muffin tops:( Hard to get back into regular clothes after living in stretchy workout gear:)

  3. Awww..you have muffin tops and I have cottage cheese thighs oh the joy of foody favs to call our "issue" spots. HA!

  4. Haha, operation make muffin tops disappear. I like that! I am hitching myself to that operation!

    Wake surfing sounds so fun, too. How fun to have a boat to go out on.

    Nice job on your job, and fitting in your workouts!

  5. Yay for wake surfing! I am a terrible waters skier and wake boarding terrifies me. But I actually feel kind of cool when I wake surf. Maybe I like it because it is slow, like me. :o)