Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

I am a miserable bundle of joy right now. It is just easier to explain in bullet points.
  • Officially unemployed - wah wah wah
  • Have had a stomach bug since Sunday
  • Haven't lost any weight from stomach bug, instead get the privilege of looking pregnant several times through out the day
  • Eating dinner makes me feel ill because of said stomach bug
  • Ran 3 miles yesterday, had to stop because of barfy feeling
  • Not sure how I am going to do 13.1 on Sunday if this bug does not leave my body
  • Hit my head on the door Tuesday, while cleaning the bathroom floor
  • Have a single horn growing out of my head where I hit said head
  • Pretty sure a pimple is forming on top of said horn
  • Not sure what I am wearing this weekend besides a blue sparkle skirt, Pensive Pumpkin suggested I go topless
  • The solstice 5K was a few weeks ago don't think I could get away with going topless on Sunday
  • I met with a recruiter yesterday and pulled a pencil out of my purse to take a note and it was a Smurf pencil
Trying to look on the bright side of things
  • Our awesome weather has made my skin a beautiful golden tan
  • I still have coffee to make every morning, that hasn't been cut from the budget
  • I have a great and wonderful family, even if they do make fun of said horn, and fat tummy 
  • Making fun of me,  is in a 4 year old manner,  it always makes me laugh
  • Laughing is good when my list of bad things is longer then good things

Make me laugh today. Have you ever injured yourself in a manner that was embarrassing to explain?


  1. Um, I broke my ankle playing drunk hide and seek at a campground in the middle of the night, does that count? :) And all the volunteer firefighters were at a nearby bar and heard the call on the radio, so they came up to the campground to "help," e.g. tease the drunk girl with the broken leg! And they said, "Don't let them take you to White Salmon hospital - make them take you to Hood River!" So then I was the drunk girl in the ambulance insisting that I be driven to Oregon from the Washington side, and having no reason other than "the firefighters told me so, the firefighters told me so!" Plus, when my then husband and his friend were carrying me back to the campsite, I bit his friend's earlobe due to the pain (or my general meanness, and maybe I thought I was biting my husband). So for years my tagline with them was "The bitch just bit me!"

    And you know I just blogged recently about giving myself a black eye at work with my telephone handset. :) So, yeah, I got some embarrassing moments!

    Feel better soon, please! I am aiming for a sub-2:00 on this, my first half-marathon, and I intend to do it by you piggybacking me. :)

    1. cracking up!

      I gave my self a black eye snow skiing once...yea that was a heck of a fall! LOL

  2. Awe .. I'm sorry Jen. Things will get better. Stomach bugs can really mess with you for several days. They're the worst.

    Hang in there!

    1. Thanks! I keep thinking I feel better then at dinner it all goes down hill. I think I will be skipping dinner tonight or just having a protien drink.

  3. Well, despite the fact that your "Bad" list is longer than your "Good" list, I have to say that coffee not being cut from the budget is worth 10x of what's on the bad list.

    Also, if you could see my leg right now, I'm growing a horn there. On my trip to the Olympic Peninsula 2 weekends ago (yes, 2), I was goofing around and jumped up on a tree stump. Well, said tree stump was slippery and I slammed my other leg into the side of the stump. I have a HUGE bruise and think maybe I actually did some serious damage, but I refuse to go to a doctor because I'm stubborn.

    I would seriously consider going mostly topless on Sunday. It's going to be SOO hot. Not what I was expecting for my second attempt at sub 2....

  4. First off, why were you cleaning the bathroom when you feel yucky? You should be in bed:) Sorry you've been feeling bad:( I love that you pulled out a smurf pencil! Hoping you feel better for the race, if not, just walk it and enjoy the sun:) Feel better:)

  5. Oh, no! Sorry about all the bad stuff. I'm impressed you ran 3 miles with a stomach bug!

  6. Here ya on the horn :) Except mine was a gash in the leg from chasing my escape artist beagle through the forest, trees, poison ivy, tall grass, ETC. That turned into an infection, which made the poison ivy sprout. A trip to the doctor for the infections, then a trip to Urgent Care the next day for steroids and cream (talk about BLOAT) which turned into another trip to the dermatologist with the diagnosis that I was ALLERGIC to the cream!!

    anyway, Jenn...hang in there! I'm on the mend and you will be soon :)

    1. oh man! That sounds rough! I found out I was allergic to a medication after breaking out head to toe in hivess, made the ear infection they were treating look like nothing.

  7. First of all: you're carting along an evil witch who is aiming for a sub 2:00? I hate both of you. LOL

    Secondly: nobody pays me anymore, so I'm the self employed version of almost unemployed at this point. assuming you don't leave me to stay with stupid fast Julie who claims to be worried about this, we can commiserate about that.

    Third: Not only have I broken my own nose with a 2x4, I've fallen on an obstacle course and gotten splinters in my hoo haa. Not at Foam Fest. A different obstacle course. so, you know: big winner, here. LOL

  8. YUK to being summer sick

    COOL you have a sparkly skirt!

    YUK and COOL to no job?!

    COOL to coffee...always COOL to coffee...

    YUK to summer sickness...

    Hang in there and do what ever you need to do!!

  9. pppfffttttt hope you fee better.

    I trip over my own feet all the time no one in my house even looks up anymore ;-)

  10. I'm sorry Jen! Hopefully things will start looking up soon. I like that you added coffee as a positive. In our house that would be dangerous to take away!

  11. Oh girl, I'm sorry I didn't read this post sooner. I'm sooo sorry to hear about your long list of hardships. girl, I'm soooo sorry!!! First, I hope your head and belly feel better soon. Second, love the smurfs -they're good luck so just maybe you'll find an even better job right away!!!! Third, hope you are able to do your race. Fear not - I signed up for 4 halfs the week before I fell and have dropped either out of all of them or dropped down to a 5K - stiff stiff sigh. I've learned it's not the end of the world - take care of yourself -that's most important!
    Hang in there girl!