Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. I am struggling posting lately. I just feel like I have nothing to post. I apologize for that! I clearly have bothered a few people as I lost two followers lately.

2. If  I participate in the Snohomish River Run in I really want to dress in a Halloween Costume. Of course, the only two costumes that come to mind is Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb or Thing 1/Thing2. Hey Julie do you want to dress up in costume for your next half?

3. 5 years ago today I was put on bed rest.  4 days later my little girl was born. She is turning 5 on Monday! My little girl is turning 5, I swear time is speeding up.  More details on Monday!


  1. If you have nothing to post it's better to not post than make up content like the people who post 12 times a day. hahahha.

  2. I agree sometimes it is hard to think of things to post about, or I just don't feel inspired. I hate it when people unfollow me, but I just put it down as people that didn't really care to begin with. I am still here!

  3. I'm still reading you :)

    I hope Julie dresses up with you! If it wasn't 3 weeks before my full marathon, I'd fly out and dress as Thing 2 :)

    Happy birthday little miss! They grow so fast! Just yesterday I'm sure you were thinking she was just a little peanut!!!!!!!

    Happy Trails,

    Stephanie :)

  4. Hey, we all go through blogging blocks or get busy in real life. I was doing so good with regular posts at the beginning of the year, and now it's like "Oh hey, remember you have a blog? Maybe you should write something."

    Happy Birthday to your little girl! :)

  5. I won't stop following ya!

    Awe, I know I look at my 5 yr old so often and think, where has the time gone...I still remember when he was my baby boy...

    happy birthday to your girl!

  6. You have to do the Snohomish race. That's the half right? I am going to do it for sure and I would totally dress up!