Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stomach Bug

Sunday afternoon I got sick, I ended up eating a package of Ritz crackers for dinner and going to be miserable.

Monday I started my day out slowly. Water, coffee then venturing into the land of a protein drink. The stomach was upset but stable. Lunch was part of a Jamba Juice, a protein drink and a banana, more crackers - not all at once but over the day. By dinner my stomach was feeling well enough to try some real food. A little pasta, a slice of bread and it revolted. The worst pain ever. I final caved in and went to the store for some Pepto when I realized I looked 4-5 months pregnant and I couldn't even suck in my stomach. An hour two later I felt like what I can only imagine contractions feel like. Yes, I have a child, but I never had a contraction. It was terrible. I went to bed early feeling like my stomach was going to explode. 

Tuesday I woke up feeling a lot better. My energy was back and my stomach was not distended. I wasn't taking any risks with food. I started the day with water. After that caused no pain around 10:30 AM I had a protein drink and a banana.  I got a little adventures at lunch and made a Vanilla Mango Smoothie and had some Edamame to snack on. All was well in the solid food department. For an afternoon snack I ate a granola bar with no protest. Dinner tonight I went easy - with a salad, with sliced pork and ranch dressing. That sounds kind of gross but it was taste.  I was feeling good. Little. to no stomach pain, I decided it was time to hit the treadmill and see if I could run pain free. I made it all of 1.25 miles before my stomach bloated out to pregnant women and discomfort set in. Not the kind of discomfort you can push down. The kind that says....you are either going to barf or shart you better stop running. 

I need to get over this freaking bug! I just confirmed my registration for the See Jane Run today, as well as talked Julie into joining in the fun. Truth be told - I didn't really have to talk her into it. She said she wanted to do it and I just found her a discount code.

I will get better, I must get better.  Share your remedies for getting over stomach bugs!


  1. Hopeyou get better soon!

  2. shoot that doesn't sound fun at all....that's what a winter bug sounds like and that's "ok" b/c its cold out side and we don't mind being shut up and sick while the kids are in school. ;-) Best remedy I know....time, water, saltine crackers....and time. Good Luck!

  3. Sorry you were sick. Sure was fun having you at our house! Hugs!