Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Post Tuesday

Sunday I had some errands to do so I decided to walk them. Before I left my child was shooting a nerf gun at my husband. They were frighting over it, to stop the fighting my child decieded that I should take the gun with me. I walked 4.8 miles with a nerf gun in my backpack. This is not the first time I have had to carry around one of my childs toys and I am sure it won't be the last.

Monday after I did ChaLean Extereme Burn 1 DVD and rode my Spin bike for 30 minutes, I decided to refuel with Chocolate Milk and a bowl of cherries. Best summer refuel ever! It is a good thing I have my own in house chocolate milk tester to make sure I get it just right.

 Looks like the rest of the USA is getting a heatwave.
As usual Washington State is sucking big time.

 How awesome would this fourtune be if it was actually real?

Share your random thoughts for today?


  1. Why have I not found your bloggy before now?? New follower!

  2. I love that fortune! One of the best ever.

    Random thoughts..so excited about the Mezamashii invite!

  3. The weather map is hilarious and totally depressing. Awesome!

  4. I am hoping I wore my winter down jacket to work for the last time today. Of course, I also was *sure* I got frostbite out on the boat Sunday morning. Bah! Stupid Seattle weather.

  5. Is "an" unicorn correct? I'd have said "a unicorn" but then unicorn begins with a vowel. It's hurting my BRAIN!

    How do you like the ChaLean videos?

  6. Random indeed - LOVE that you settled the fight by carrying a nerf gun on your walk. LOVE that you walk to do your errands - I REALLY need to do that more often. BOO for your crummy weather - we had a excessive heat warning starting today at 11 a.m. and extending through Saturday at 8 p.m. - I've NEVER EVER heard of such a warning lasting soooooo long continuously -usually they stop during the night as it gets slightly cooler - NOT this week. Wanna come visit? We can find a race for you to run in 100* to help you feel like you're getting the "real summer" experience :)

  7. Falon's here now? Look out, girl! LOL

    I painted jack o lanterns today. That's how I roll.

  8. Do you like Chalean? I love her workouts. I don't follow the program but combine the DVD's with my other DVD's.

    Just saw the pics of the foam fest too: looks like such a fun race to do.

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