Thursday, July 19, 2012

Need a race to PR at?

Then I think the Snohomish River Run is perfect for you.

Mark your calendars for Saturday October 27th and be one of the first to participate in this event.

I received an email yesterday about this event.  The Snohomish River Run is an amazingly flat
course, don't believe me from the website.

Run along the scenic banks of the Snohomish River on a FAST and FLAT course designed to make the miles fly by! This beautiful level course enjoys views of snowy mountains, weathered barns and peaceful farmland. But did we mention it’s FAST? And we mean really fast! Total elevation climb over 13.1 miles? A mere 115 feet! This course is perfect for your very first half marathon or to work on that personal best

When I read the website I thought this race is for me. The only problem is its the day before the LA Rock and Roll that I am planning on running - so if all works out perfectly I won't be in town this weekend.  However, if I end up not going to LA then I am in.  I love flat course. I may not be fast, but a flat course makes me love running. If you are in the PNW you know there are not many Fast and Fast course out there.

My only question is the event is 3 days before Halloween do you think it would be okay to rock a Halloween costume?  I love Halloween and would love to have a good excuse to dress up. There are some discount codes already floating around out there check out there so do a quick little search and find one and sign up.  Mark your calendar and start preparing for you first half Marathon or your next PR.

Check out the Snohomish River Run
Twitter: @runsnohomish


  1. Totally acceptable to rock a Halloween costume :) Have fun!!!!

    Stephanie :)

  2. And now I'm googling to see where Snohomish is - just in case!

  3. That is so weird. I read your post and walked over to my calendar to mark this race on there and it was already on there:0 I am definitely going to do this one. SO close to me! Woohoo!

  4. Not only is it acceptable . . . I'd say it's expected. AND . . . can I say this race has my interest peaked . . . just maybe . . . have to see how my back does (sigh) now that my ankle is well on the mend.