Friday, July 6, 2012

Mezamashii Run Project

I  was lucky enough to get an invite to the Mezamashii Run Project. I am not going lie, at first I was skeptical. All I do is call a number, give them a special code and they send me a free pair of running shoes. AWESOME! First I checked out what the Mezamashii Run Project was about.

Then I went to Mizuno USA  to check out there shoes. I instantly feel in love with their color schemes. After looking around I figured that the Wave Inspire 8 would work perfect for me. I called and spoke with a rep at Mizuno and determined those would be the best fit. A few days later these appeared on my doorstep.

They arrived on July 3rd, they day we were heading out of town. I hadn't planned on running when we were out of town, but after these arrived I packed my running clothing.  On the 4th of July I woke up at 6:30am and headed out for a quick run. One of the first things I noticed about these shoes was how much lighter they felt then my other running shoes. The shoes I usually wear fall under the support and control category, and can feel heavy on an early morning run. But on this run,  I felt light and for the first time a long time was not dreading my AM run.

As I was running I looked at my Garmin and thought, this can't be right. I know I have had a lot of down hills in my run, but with every down hill there was an uphill. I looked at my watch at 2 miles and was in shock, I thought this can't be right. I was in the middle of a long down hill and kept pushing it. Figured I might as well take advantage of it. I pushed up the hill and ran back to the house. At the house the temp said 75 degrees in the sun and it was a little after 7AM.  I had just ran for 35 minutes and was feeling the run love.

I told them about how awesome my run was and how something has to be wrong with my watch - as I had the quickest 3.5 miles EVER!  I felt on top of the world. Not only did I run in new shoes that felt great, but I had a Brilliant Run! I had felt great and was ready for the day.

Two days later, I am back home and finally had a chance to upload my data. On Garmin Connect it says I only went 2.25 miles, not the 3.5 I thought. Well, that makes more sense. After a better examination of my Garmin - my miles are in, yup you guessed it kilometers. I have no idea how it got switched, but I still can't wait to go out for another run in my new Mizuno shoes - even if I am still slow.  That run, even if shorter and slower then I thought gave me a confidence to push harder next time.

What makes a run Brilliant for you?


  1. Great job and so exciting that you got to try the Mizunos! Speed is always what pumps me up nowadays:)

  2. I just got my mizunos and am surprised at how much I like them! Oh the Garmin...that's funny. Running on vacation...way to go.

  3. super funny...still glad it was a brilliant run for you though...

  4. New shoes are always the best!!! Glad you got your garmin problem fixed!

  5. Sounds great!...they contacted me but I didn't get the shoes boo hoo!

  6. Haaaaa!!! That made me laugh. Too bad, that was almost the best ad for Mizuno - they made you twice as fast as normal!

  7. Just got mine too and was amazed at how light they are. Quite an interesting change.