Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fundraising Update

My fundraising for the Susan G. Komen walk in November is going well. We have finally settled out my Tastefully Simple Party that I held in May. $125 from the party was donated from my walk. I am extremely gratefully to Jesi @ Tastefully Simple for hosting the virtual party.  After adding the donation and a few other donations my total has reached $2,095 as today.

I have $205 left to raise to reach my minimum goal. In August, I will be hosting a Virtual Party for Thirty-One Bags.  I can't wait to get my own order in for a few things.  If you would like to help me reach my goal, donations can be made on my donation page HERE.  A big thanks to those who have donated money and those who have sent me emails supporting this cause. Thank you!

In other news, the week after a half I have to hold myself back and let my body rest. Especially since last week I didn't do much because I was sick. Being sick last week, I didn't do ChaLean Extreme DVDs  and my arms are starting to feel it. It is amazing how quickly you feel like you are losing definition. The plan this week is to work that slowly back into my schedule and then jump back into the routine next week. I have no races planned until the Iron Girl 5K, which I plan to PR at. My training plan is going to be a combo or walking and running to work on my speed while training for the 3-Day Walk. Here is what this week looks like:

Monday - Spin - Done! Did 45 sweaty minutes yesterday. Felt great to move my legs which are a little sore.
Tuesday - 3 easy miles and ChaLean Extreme Burn 1
Wednesday - Spin and ChaLean Extreme Burn 2
Thursday - Warm up, 3x800 in 5:41 w/400 jogs - my first speed work in a long time
Friday - ChaLean Extreme Burn 3 & Ab Workout
Saturday - Walk 7 miles
Sunday - Easy run 6 miles

How is Tuesday treating you?


  1. Fundraising is everywhere! I just started my first ever fundraiser last night, so because I believe in Karma, once I get home tonight I'll donate and help you with yours!

  2. Wow, great progress on reaching your fundraising goal!