Sunday, July 15, 2012

The $7 deal for race #7

Sunday, I participated in the See Jane Run Half Marathon in Seattle. Originally, I hadn't planned to run this event, I did plan to volunteer at it. Then Zozi offered a deal for $57. I posted it a few times online, with my referral credit making it $47 for new users to Zozi. I had a few credits saved from referrals to other events - so See Jane Run would cost me $7. I still didn't want to do it. For a variety of reasons. This was my 5th half this year and I had only planned to run 4 this year.  It was in July, which is a warmer month for us Washingtonians. While running Seattle RnR Pensive Pumpkin talked me into spending the $7 and joining in the fun. At the last minute Julie decided that she wanted to run her first half marathon.

We had the Rookie (Julie), The Instigator (Pensive Pumpkin) and The Veteran (yes that is me, I figure running 6 halfs prior to this one earns me the title).

The plan was to meet up at 6:45am I would drive us to the starting line and have running/walking good time.  As I was in line at Starbucks before picking the ladies up I get a text message from The Instigator saying that she wasn't feeling well and didn't know if she should go. I gave her a peep talk and she said "against better judgment" I will meet you in a second. We were all on our way to Seattle. I kept trying to talk them into breakfast instead, especially after we arrived and it was cold and windy. I also tried to talk them into downgrading to the 5K, you got a medal for the 5K also. I wasn't sure how good I was going to do as I had just been sick all week with a stomach bug. I had not run anything over 6 miles since Seattle RnR.

A little clowning around before the event. I ended up wearing my jacket for some of it as I was cold and it was windy.  I felt like I was running into a headwind most of the time.

We started off with a run/walk - I hung back to motivate The Instigator since I knew she wasn't feeling well and let the Rookie take off ahead of us. I told her to just run what felt comfortable and I would be back for her.  As we reached mile two I caught back up with the Rookie on the first out and back. She was doing great and holding strong. I can't tell you what we were running as my damn garmin was lapping at .63 of mile. No idea how that happened. I kept The Rookie in my sights until about mile 4, then I lost her around a corner and would not see her again until mile 10. I kept hoping she would stop at use the bathroom and I would catch her. I thought about slowing down and syncing back up with the Instigator, but I didn't know how far behind me she was. The route overall was beautiful, it went around Lake Union so 90% of the time you had an awesome view to lose yourself in your run. I ran/walked most of it and felt great overall.  The course was mostly flat with just a few hills in the middle which were over quickly.
My Garmin Data
At mile 8, I checked my phone and realized that the Instigator was not going to finish. I kicked myself for not staying with her. Maybe I would have helped her finish even when she was feeling bad.  There wasn't much I could do about it then but keep pushing.

At my mile 10 I saw The Rookie again. She looked strong and still had a smile on her face, I told her I would see her at the finish line and completed the last out and back. Which was the worst. Nothing like running past the finish line  and having to turn around and come back.  Although the support through this area was awesome. If I remember there were two water stops, but because of the out and back it was 4 water stations. At the last one a lady even said - hey are you runnermaybe. Hi Jen! I have never been recognized from my blog! So hello to you!!! Thanks for the motivation, it really helped at that point.
As I came across the finish line The Rookie was there waiting for me. She took a few photos of me being crazy as usual.

My watch said 3:15, which was better then I expected given my condition and lack of preparation. Of course this is probably wrong as I didn't start my watch until .10 into the event, and I forgot to stop it right away. Race results are not up yet so I don't know my official time.  We received a medal, a champagne glass with chocolates in it. The Rookie and I skipped the free glass of Champagne and heading to our car. The walk back tot he car seemed longer.  The medal was tiny, but I knew it would be as the one last year was small also - either way it was put with the rest of my medals.

I got my $7 worth out of this event, I had a great time. I am not sure if I would do this event again though. I really hated the last 3 miles course wise. It was flat, but it was dull and boring. Of course if I get another great deal I just might sign up again. Next time, I am not getting my booty handed to me by the Rookie! Next time Julie, I am hanging with you. Yes, I just said next time.....that means you will be running another half.


  1. Repeated out and backs on a half marathon would be a little hard! Great job finishing and getting another medal :)

    1. There were two of at the begining and one at the end. The end one was terrible.

  2. $7! Awesome deal, way to steal a half.
    That darn Rookie--she blew my expectations out of the water. I'm so glad you took her with you to this one. I know she'll be back for another. I hope PP is doing all right today.

  3. I too HATED the end one. It seemed like we would never reach the turnaround. It doesn't help that those are my regular running grounds. I like races where I don't exactly know what the finish looks like, and here, I knew what the last 3 miles were. YUCK.

    Thanks for the Zozi deal, by the way. SOOOOOO happy to have nailed my sub-2 hour PR. It sounds like I missed you by about 10 minutes at the finish line.

    Anyways, congratulations!! $7 for a half marathon is a GREAT price.

  4. You're adorable - look at you!!!!! You're amazing - crushing the halfs like that!! GREAT JOB! Love your outfit! Glad you kicked the bug long enough to do the race. $7 half - yeah that's awesome!!!!!!

  5. Way to push through even when you felt yucky. I hate how they make you run past the finish. So lame! You looked really cute:)

  6. So fun!! Thank you so much for getting me out there, I had a blast. And I know I told you after the race that I might not be saying that a couple days later, haha, but I still am. :) Very fun and a great day - thank you for encouraging me so much to try it!

  7. I can't believe you got to do a half for $7! That is freaking awesome!! I like how you are always so peppy and trying to motivate your friends. That's awesome!